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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
If you spend dollars in digital marketing and growth,
Polymer Search can take your marketing outcomes to the next level.
Before Polymer, we built ads measurement, automated bidding and optimization systems at Google Ads for 6 years. We realize how hard it can be to be truly data driven.
Polymer Search makes it easy to digest and understand your ads data in great detail.
Conversions, ROAS, spend waste, hidden opportunities: get to the bottom of these in a matter of minutes.
Watch a walkthrough for a Google Ads data campaign by our co-founder and former Ads Optimization Lead at Google.
You can access the live Google Ads example shown in the video and explore it on your own!
Gain deep proficiency on the three tenets of any effective marketing loop

The EEO loop: Evaluate -> Explain -> Optimize
Deep measurement and evaluation
  1. Find out what's precisely working and not working?
  2. Polymer automatically reveals which segments are causing biggest impact on conversions or ROI.
  3. Deep multi-segment attribution. What takes hours using spreadsheets or SQL is done in less than a minute.
  4. Diagnose any macro or micro aspects like mobile, demographics and find out underlying causes
  5. Don't put your trust in automatic strategies - keep outcomes accountable and follow a hybrid approach for top ad spend vs long tail.
Radical Transparency and Data Driven Conversations
  1. Polymer's UX makes it easy to share deep insights with stakeholders and your clients.
  2. Inspire confidence and retention with granular and deep insights that you gather in seconds.
  3. Respond to queries right away vs. adding another task to the todo list.
  4. Visual story telling with Polymer's 1-click visualizations make it easy to explain any aspect without the work.
Converge to the best performance and opportunities
  1. Evaluate and find the best tradeoffs for ROI + Volume across any set of targeting segments and channels
  2. Polymer's iterative and algorithmic interface lets you find 10x more opportunities and ROI skew in 30 minutes
  3. Know where ad spend is being wasted and can be re-allocated in ways not possible before.
  4. Identify time trends that you need to capitalize on or fix. Time regression and trend analysis is just 2 clicks vs spending hours in statistical packages.
Polymer Search is based on data algorithms that give you instant answers with just a couple of clicks. Imagine days of data grind condensed to 30 minutes.

Polymer lets you think in terms of outcomes, not data processes and steps.
Bring Polymer's Magic to your Marketing Data
Get started quickly. We promise a new level of clarity within your first few hours.
Polymer Search works with any kind of ads data from any channel.

Check out an Example Polymer Site for Google Ads Data
Achieve strong marketing and data sophistication with minimal effort.

Identify ROI hotspots and optimize ad spend quickly
Identify top ROI opportunities across any group of segments with couple clicks.
Top Outliers for Ad Lift
Polymer finds the most promising ad lift and performance patterns. What took hours of querying or pivot tables can now be done in a couple clicks.
Iterate quickly at 10x speed
Polymer delivers speed and depth, making you 10x more effective in understanding and optimizing your marketing efforts.