Integrate Polymer’s API  and take your data to the next level

Our API endpoints provide a simple interface that can be easily integrated to directly transform your data and present it to your users as a fully functional and interactive web application.

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A custom, client facing solution

Users that want to incorporate Polymer into their customer experience can benefit from the API. Especially for users looking to use Polymer as a client facing solution, you can create a Polymer site that integrates with your own branding and UI to present your content or insights.

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Streamlined uploads & updates

Users that need to update datasets without using one of our data connectors (Google, Airtable, Dropbox) can benefit from more streamlined uploads & automated syncing of data using the API.

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200+ companies love Polymer

We used Polymer to convert nearly 100 spreadsheets into a single directory that's easy to filter and search. It would've taken months to build this ourselves.

Roger Lee
Creator /

Complex aspects of my spreadsheet data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is incredibly refreshing.

Greg Badros
Former VP of product @ Facebook
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Common Questions

What skills or tools are needed?
Can the API do everything the Polymer interface can do?
Where can the API get my data from?
What data is compatible with the API?
How is API pricing determined?

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