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FAQ - YCAdvice.com
How can I submit a resource that YCAdvice is missing?
Please send them our way through this simple form. We appreciate the help.
What's the motivation behind the current interface and functionality?
We are huge fans of discovery. We think that search is great if you know what you are looking for in advance. But for many domains, it can present a rather constricted view and and a lot of value can be lost. YCAdvice, an instance of Polymer Search, is designed around the idea of discovering what we normally might not ask or know and to generate insights aided by discovery, not by asking pointed questions. Even if someone has no idea what YCombinator has talked about in the past, they can quickly develop an intuition and start exploring in a matter of seconds.
How were all of these resources aggregated and labelled?
YC has lot of valuable content scattered across different locations. We spent some time identifying these places and extracting the content. With this, we will be able to keep YCAdvice updated in the future.

A key part of discovery is quality categorization, across multiple types of categories. We have developed an in-house system to generate a great candidate set of labels at different levels of specificity (think of USA vs Kentucky vs Zip code ) which then go through human oversight to ensure quality. This helps anyone get a great intuition about the data set right away and help explore it intelligently at any level of depth.
What is the tech behind YCAdvice ?
We didn't develop YCAdvice from scratch. In fact the motivation behind YCAdvice came from putting our core tech at Polymer Search to work for something we've benefited from for a long time: YCombinator's powerful content for startups. Polymer Search's automation automatically converts any structured data to a ready to use and highly functional insights engine. Once we were able to generate YCAdvice's data and label it, rest was automatic.

Polymer Search's stack is mostly written in Javascript.
Are there plans for other resources?
If you've found YCAdvice helpful, you'll be glad to know that we intend to contribute more to the startup/business community by developing many more quality resources that help make sense of the vast space of advice available today. All the amazing resources available in thousands of places are only useful if they can be easily discovered and leveraged by anyone.

Of course if you have any ideas, shoot us an email :)
How can I contact you?
Please find us at founders [at] polymersearch.com.