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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get an intelligent and interactive web app auto-generated from your raw dataset or spreadsheet. All in a few seconds.
Polymer extracts all groups and their relationships and categorizes them automatically into tags. See dominant patterns and connect the dots as you think.

It's the easiest way for knowledge discovery and generating intelligent queries.
Even Polymer's grid is fully interactive. Group by anything you see with a single click. Travel quickly through thousands of rows with a simple flick.
It's intuitive, practical and fun to use.
Guided Visualizations: Polymer's interactive visualization is the fastest and the most intuitive way to segment, contrast and find meaningful insights and stories.

Say goodbye to Pivot Tables
Get Interactive Heat-maps, Discover Time Trends and identify hidden relationships within 1-3 clicks. Glide your way to find answers and discover patterns.
Step into the Power of Algorithms with Polymer IQ.
Zero code, Zero querying. Get the answers you deserve with 2 clicks.

Outliers let you find what stands out in your data for any KPIs across multiple cohorts.
Find Top Performers across any number of segments with lightning speed.
Polymer provides complete relative context so you can reason about numbers quickly.
Polymer is the world's easiest way to explain and optimize ROI across key factors.
Anyone can compute ROI for any aggregation and metrics, get amazing context and spot key outliers and opportunities. All with couple of clicks!

It's a dream come true for anyone who cares about being data-driven.
Instant Framing: Zoom into any factor to see what's causing it be great or weak.
In the example below, you can find out what's explaining strong business value from Chile and what's not.
Polymer doesn't stop at showing you outliers, ROI And context.
With Opportunities, automatically identify recommendations that deliver both business volume and ROI, which can be a devilishly hard problem to optimize for.

Allocate spend and business cost precisely without fighting with data and cohorts.
It is incredibly easy to get started. You don't need to configure or explain anything.
Simply drag or connect your data and dive into an ocean of intelligence and business impact.