Reskinning, default views, API endpoints updates and performance improvements

March 17, 2022


New look, same great Polymer!

If you’ve visited your Polymer app in the recent weeks, you may have noticed some UI changes. Polymer has all the same power as before, but we’ve given the product a new look & feel along with some organizational changes.

Our previous ‘Search & Query’ section of the product is now called ‘Data Presentation’ to better reflect all that is done there. The ‘Visualize’ & ‘Auto-Insights’ sections received many design improvements, making them easier to navigate.

Saving default views

You can now set and unset a default view - this is the view your Polymer app will open to when newly loaded.

To create a default view, go to your views menu & click the 3 dots to the right of the view name. Set or unset the default from the list using the star icon.

Use this feature if there’s a specific report or chart you want to see (or want your visitors to see) first thing when entering into your Polymer app.

Tip: add multiple charts to a view & set the view to read-only to create a ‘dashboard’ view

API endpoint updates

We have added two new API endpoints.

With the API you are now able to fetch datasets from Polymer along with their details, saved views, settings, etc. You can also now delete a dataset from Polymer.

Check out our API instructions for more information on how to use the API.

Performance improvements

We have worked on improving the performance of Polymer by drastically reduced processing times. As a result, some functions should take less time to complete and we will soon be able to start supporting larger files.