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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
Understanding your data is the precursor to any intelligent action.
Any analysis is wasted if it's out of context or inopportune. That's why we're so bullish on helping you understand and discover your data—deeply. Polymer is made to help uncover the patterns and associations that guide further questioning.
Search & Discovery
Interactive Data
Smart Search
Usage Stats
Interactive Grid
All the variables in your data are brought to life through clickable tags and hyperlinked for easy interrogation and querying
Instant incremental search that breaks down results by column, and lets you jump more accurately to what you're looking for
Understand the patterns of how your data is being used, both for yourself and for everyone that you've shared you site with
Choose standard rows and columns, or choose cards capable of images, video, and complete control over how data is presented
The fastest way to dig deeper into your data.
Analyzing all your data at once is probably not that helpful. You need to consider fine cross-sections—or multi-segmentations—of your data to unlock the most powerful insights. And taking a fine looking glass to your data has never been this easy before.
Automated Intelligence
Time Trends
Multi-Cohort Analysis
Bird's Eye View
Advanced graphing and corellation in a matter of clicks, and drill in even further by clicking any segment of the chart
Detect important time series information for any metric, and identify which variables are influencing the outcomes that matter
Advance algorithms let anyone understand the important factors that are driving specific outcomes, metrics, or ROI
Review a detailed overview that lets you orient yourself in a minute—like a dozen SQL queries but a hundred times easier
1-Click Visualizations
Rapid Productivity
Easy to Learn
Collaboration & Sharing
Handles Large Datasets
Launch an interactive web-app with your data in minutes, search it, ask it questions, even customize its display, all without code
Interactive, intuitive, and quick to pick up, now everyone can be data-empowered, not just a privileged class
White-label your site, create views, control permissions, and even embed your site elsewhere so that everyone can have access
Iterate at the speed of thought with lightening quick performance, even with large datasets of 500K+ rows where others would struggle
Fully No-Code
Usability & Performance