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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
Transform Any Dataset Into an Engaging Web Experience for Your:
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Polymer partnered with the team at Legalpad to provide access and transparency to important US immigration data. Through the Visalist site, you can explore H-1B and green card data based on employer, location, education, job title, salary, visa class, and much more.
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With an intuitive and powerful experience for any dataset, Polymer engages with your audience in ways not possible before.

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⚡️ Polymer is now in Private Beta ⚡️ If you'd like to request a Polymer site or a product demo, sign up below.
Polymer helped understand and navigate my data quickly and effectively so I could make data driven decisions in seconds.
Greg Badros
Former VP @ Facebook and Director (Gmail, AdSense) @ Google
What Can You Do with a Polymer Site?
From super-charging your content marketing to giving your team data science superpowers, Polymer sites are being used in a variety of impactful ways.
💌 Content Marketing
Present data in a highly interactive and engaging fashion for your audience or community.
🎉 New Lead Generation
Attract potential new customers by presenting relevant data in a highly interactive fashion.
💪🏽 Customer Acquistion
Acquire highly-engaged customers through a Polymer-powered experience.
🙏🏽 Sharing Resources
Spin up a Polymer site to share resources with your community or within your organization.
A new kind of data interaction and discovery
Co-founded by an ex-Google technical lead for AI/ML, Polymer makes your data instantly searchable, presentable, and actionable for you and your audience.
Deep Search
Unlike spreadsheets, instantly search for anything across 100s of groups or click to be surprised by a suggestion from your dataset.
Group Querying
Be 10x more productive with Polymer's top-down group querying UX to quickly connect the dots from multiple angles.
Sharing and Presentation
Polymer makes it intuitive, interactive and even fun, while helping discover un-obvious insights immediately.
A Managed Service for Bringing your Data to Life
Polymer's team of experts can take your raw and messy data to a quality web experience in less than 1 week.
Data Preparation
Polymer's team works with you to get your data ready for high quality presentation and interaction.
Interface White labeling
Add a custom domain, logo, and customized calls to action. Define site navigation to generate leads or engage.
Site Review & Revision
Polymer provides an early version of your site for you to share with your team and collect feedback prior to launch.
Launch & Ongoing Support
Within a week, you will have a Polymer-powered site ready to share and our team will continue to be there for support.
Bring Polymer's Magic to your Data
Unparalleled data productivity for you and your team.