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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
Top 10 reasons for Polymer Search
Ultra fast adoption for teams and individuals
Polymer's data transformation technology can convert any data into a highly intelligent and intuitive app in just under a minute. Being a cloud data app means any team or individual can get productive within minutes.
Intuitive, interactive & engaging
Structured data is notorious for being centered around queries, dashboards and reports. Transform your data experience into a highly engaging one with Polymer's intense focus on data interactivity, visual appeal and fast iteration.
Automatic insights save hours of time
Polymer Search's philosophy is about the outcomes you want and skipping the painful process associated with it. You can auto-generate, explain, visualize, find patterns or craft deep reports with only a few clicks.
Structured data made accessible for everyone
Polymer Search is incredibly easy to pick up for any data or business professional. Intuitive UX and intelligent features allow anyone to become a data expert within 15 minutes. No advanced queries, complicated pivot tables or writing Python code.
Fast data iteration leads to depth
Real intelligence emerges from iteration and conversation, not dashboards and reports. Polymer's fast interactive nature feels like having a quick conversation with data, letting you discover and dig deep in ways that felt too much of a struggle before.
Intelligent auto-recommendations
Normally, one would use complex features to derive slow conclusions. Polymer Search's rich understanding and recommendation layer can auto generate meaningful insights in seconds. A transformative experience for anyone with data.
Negligible learning curve
Structured data is usually associated with painful software and advanced steps. In our experience, anyone can feel like a data expert and achieve 10x speed and depth in just under 15 minutes.
Focus on Data Discovery
Working with new data often requires becoming familiar with it first. Polymer Search's obsessive focus with data discovery lets you get an instant overview of underlying entities and relationships, equipping you for an intelligent data journey.
Easy collaboration and publishing
Polymer's web based platform allows for a single click path to sharing intelligent insights or conclusions. Instead of sharing raw data or reports, anyone can discover and share new answers from scratch with just a few clicks.
A practical path to data driven culture
Data driven culture means everyone can reason, communicate and brainstorm aided by a genuine appreciation of data. Transform meetings, decision making and business growth when everyone can participate freely and confidentally with Polymer.