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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
From Spreadsheet to Data Expert in Seconds
Build a rich & interactive web app from any

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, or
spreadsheet in seconds.
With Polymer's automatic transformation and intuitive UX, your data becomes 100x more useful to yourself and others.
It can be hard to believe that Polymer built the data-centric sites below from a basic spreadsheet in mere minutes. But it's true! Find the best Netflix movies or easily optimize your ads performance. And imagine how Polymer can bring your data to life.
Seeing is Believing
browse a repo of top startup advice and learn from others who've walked the path
dramatically improve campaign performance with multi-segment optimization
the best and easiest way to find hidden gems on Netflix
Check out these amazing examples:
Launch Site
Launch Site
Launch Site
Insight & Visualization Uses
Search & Discovery Uses
World's Fastest Workflow
Polymer University
Building the world's fastest data experience
Let automation transform the value of your data
Search & Discovery Uses
Product Features
You can be productive in under 2 minutes!
Getting productive shouldn't take weeks. Polymer's game changing automation reverse engineers everything about your data, including data types, segmentations, distributions and most importantly their relationships—all in 2 minutes!
Find, understand, iterate at the speed of thought
Polymer gets to underlying meaning fast, and by skipping the painful process. Packed with powerful innovations and algorithms like tag-based visual discovery, detailed text search, and easy multi-cohort analysis, you'll feel like an expert in a few clicks.
Instead of constructing pivot tables, queries, and reports for days, Polymer Search comes packed with data algorithms. Understand cause & effect, multi-cohort understanding, pattern & trend detection, all without manual effort or special skill.
Data inaccessibility is a serious problem. With Polymer Search, everyone can feel engaged and even enjoy being data-driven, with close to zero training. Share and collaborate with structured data in ways not possible before.
Product Features
Provide a stellar experience for everyone
"Complex aspects of my data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is refreshing and game-changing."
Greg Badros
Former VP of Product & Data Science @ Facebook
Former Director of Gmail & AdSense @ Google
Erik Fogg
Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer @ ProdPerfect
"You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world's been waiting for this for a long time."
Understanding your data is the precursor to any intelligent action.
Any analysis is wasted if it's out of context or inopportune. That's why we're so bullish on helping you understand and discover your data—deeply. Polymer is made to help uncover the patterns and associations that guide further questioning.
Search & Discovery
Interactive Data
Smart Search
Usage Stats
Interactive Grid
All the variables in your data are brought to life through clickable tags and hyperlinked for easy interrogation and querying
Instant incremental search that breaks down results by column, and lets you jump more accurately to what you're looking for
Understand the patterns of how your data is being used, both for yourself and for everyone that you've shared you site with
Choose standard rows and columns, or choose cards capable of images, video, and complete control over how data is presented
The fastest way to dig deeper into your data.
Analyzing all your data at once is probably not that helpful. You need to consider fine cross-sections—or multi-segmentations—of your data to unlock the most powerful insights. And taking a fine looking glass to your data has never been this easy before.
Automated Intelligence
Time Trends
Multi-Cohort Analysis
Bird's Eye View
Advanced graphing and corellation in a matter of clicks, and drill in even further by clicking any segment of the chart
Detect important time series information for any metric, and identify which variables are influencing the outcomes that matter
Advance algorithms let anyone understand the important factors that are driving specific outcomes, metrics, or ROI
Review a detailed overview that lets you orient yourself in a minute—like a dozen SQL queries but a hundred times easier
1-Click Visualizations
Rapid Productivity
Easy to Learn
Collaboration & Sharing
Handles Large Datasets
Launch an interactive web-app with your data in minutes, search it, ask it questions, even customize its display, all without code
Interactive, intuitive, and quick to pick up, now everyone can be data-empowered, not just a privileged class
White-label your site, create views, control permissions, and even embed your site elsewhere so that everyone can have access
Iterate at the speed of thought with lightening quick performance, even with large datasets of 500K+ rows where others would struggle
Fully No-Code
Usability & Performance
Content Discovery
Present your content and let your audience search for entries that match their affinity
Share Curated Content
Present your constituents with a view of available tools or assets
Employee Search Dir...
Create a company rolodex for employee search and discovery
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Use Polymer to present content in a simple, user-driven discovery experience
Search & Discovery Use Cases
Ecommerce Insights
Find which products have the best margin given customer acquisition costs and more
Facebook Ads
Search multi-demographic segments to find the audience with the best ROI
Compile Survey Data
Visualize aggregated responses and slice the results by other variables
Google Ads
Perform multi-segment analyses to optimize campaign performance
Sales Intelligence
Analyze the reasons that top accounts are being won and more
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
With powerful, simple to use optimization and charting features, Polymer is the insights tool for everyone
Insight & Visualization Use Cases
Who is Behind Polymer?
From AI to the UI, we combine years of experience, and a passion for technology, computer science, product, & design.
Ash Gupta
Co-Founder, CEO
Former Tech Lead for ML and Measurement at Google Ads
Wall Street Quantitative Developer at D.E. Shaw
PhD, Computer Science, Black Box Systems and Performance
Yasser Ansari
Roots in Product and Design. Previously launched an EdTech venture with National Geographic and built a product/design consultancy with clients including Google, Pinterest, Robinhood, and startups in YC and Techstars. NYU/ITP alum.