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The only way to make your spreadsheets searchable, intelligent, and interactive instantly. No technical setup required.

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200+ companies love Polymer

"We used Polymer to convert a directory of nearly 100 spreadsheets into an interactive web app that made it so much easier to filter and search. It would've taken months to build this ourselves."

Roger Lee
Creator of

Complex aspects of my spreadsheet data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is incredibly exciting.

Greg Badros
Former VP of Product @ Facebook

How it works


Drop your data
into Polymer

Drag and drop your spreadsheet or connect to a data source like Airtable, Google Sheets, and more.


Polymer analyzes your data automatically

Polymer uses the latest in AI data algorithms to map your data and find connections within your dataset.


Discover insights and hidden gems

This is the fun part! Instantly uncover insights, generate charts and graphs, build reports and much, much more.

How people use Polymer

From content creators to sales professionals, Polymer is a true game changer.

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Try it yourself
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Check out some real examples from our community!

Learn from others. See real life examples of Polymer web apps that were made by our community and quickly play with these amazing tools.

Advanced features to supercharge your data

Explore how Polymer's AI can take your spreadsheet and your data skills to the next level.

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Feel the power of Polymer immediately


Give your data a visual interface in seconds

Interact with your data in a more intuitive and visual fashion instantly. Go from signup to a fully developed web interface for your data in less than a minute.


Experience insane productivity gains

Eliminate the complex data analysis, pivot tables, queries and coding with Polymer’s automatic and interactive approach anyone can learn in minutes.


Ditch the technical setup and coding

Build and launch a sophisticated ready-to-use web app for your data automatically with Polymer’s AI algorithms.


Boost data capabilities without the costs

Save $100K or more in engineering, data science, and staffing related costs by giving everyone on your team the ability to be data driven.


Work with your data at the speed of thought

Ask challenging questions and go deeper into your data at the speed of thought with Polymer's realtime answers.


Conquer the complexity

Structured data is infamous for its complexity. With Polymer, everything is instant, interactive and painless.

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What our customers say

Polymer's innovation to spreadsheet data is similar to how it felt going from calculator to spreadsheet.

Phil Neches
Founder @ Teradata

Polymer made it super easy to create a searchable archive of the Data Elixir newsletter. Polymer changes the game.

Lon Riesberg
Founder @ Data Elixir

You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world's been waiting for this for a long time.

Erik Fogg
Co-founder @ ProdPerfect

Using Polymer's insight automation, we were able to quickly identify our top-performing demographics and increase our ad conversions by 19% within days.

Craig Belcher
Founder @ YourPPCpro