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Optimize your enterprise data strategy seamlessly. Harness AI for intuitive dashboards and insights. Elevate your business intelligence without the technical hurdles.

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Elevate enterprise data strategy with seamless AI Integration

Tired of navigating complex data landscapes? Streamline your enterprise analytics effortlessly and allocate more time for strategic planning. Boost your organization with Polymer BI, offering intelligent dashboards, real-time insights, and AI-driven reports.

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Integrate advanced analytics directly into your applications

Want to enhance your apps with powerful insights? Embed Polymer's advanced analytics seamlessly into your platforms. Deliver interactive visuals, real-time data, and AI-generated insights, all while maintaining your brand's unique look and feel. Revolutionize user experience with Polymer's embedded capabilities.

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Unleash full-scale customization with Polymer's robust API

Seeking deeper integration and tailored insights? Tap into Polymer's dynamic API. Connect directly to any database, curate dashboards programmatically, and ensure your data strategy aligns perfectly with enterprise needs. Experience the flexibility and power of Polymer's API-driven approach.

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We understand that each agency has unique needs. If these templates aren't enough, our team can help you create custom report templates that align perfectly with your goals and your clients' needs.
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Smart enterprise dashboards & insights in a few clicks

Remember, success lies in understanding your data. Start today with our automated reporting and let us help you make the most of your marketing efforts.
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Embed Anywhere

Beautiful charts and graphs that blend seamlessly into your own apps and services.


Centralized Data Landscape

Consolidate all enterprise-level KPIs, objectives, and metrics in one unified dashboard for a streamlined overview.


Advanced AI-Powered Analytics

Harness the power of Polymer's AI to extract deep insights, auto-curate enterprise dashboards, and conduct on-the-fly data evaluations tailored to organizational needs.


Automated Reporting for Stakeholders

Ensure key decision-makers are informed. Schedule automated enterprise reports to be delivered directly to their inboxes, be it daily, weekly, or monthly.


Real-Time Data Assurance

Maintain the pulse of your enterprise with live data. Configure refresh intervals—hourly, daily, or weekly—or achieve real-time updates with a single action.

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Dedicated Enterprise Workspaces

Carve out specialized workspaces tailored to various departments or teams, ensuring relevant and insightful reports for each segment of your organization.

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You've already saved me 40% of my current workslogging through Excel... thank you, thank you, thank you

Mark Myers
Sr. Safety Manager @ Baldwin Aviation

Using Polymer's insight automation, we were able to quickly identify our top-performing demographics and increase our ad conversions by 19% within days.

Craig Belcher
Founder @ YourPPCpro

I was gonna do this in Tableau and I just immediately hit a brick wall. Tableau is hard to use, but also, they just don't have a tier I can use. It's too expensive.

Lexi Glosser
Environmental NGO

You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world's been waiting for this for a long time.

Erik Fogg
Co-founder @ ProdPerfect

Using Polymer's insight automation, we were able to quickly identify our top-performing demographics and increase our ad conversions by 19% within days.

Craig Belcher
Founder @ YourPPCpro

Polymer made it super easy to create a searchable archive of the Data Elixir newsletter. Polymer changes the game.

Lon Riesberg
Founder @ Data Elixir

Polymer's innovation to spreadsheet data is similar to how it felt going from calculator to spreadsheet.

Phil Neches
Founder @ Teradata

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