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50 Beautiful Excel Spreadsheet Templates To Use In 2024

Looking for Excel templates to organize your data? Take a look at these 50 spreadsheet templates we put together for you, and save the ones you need.

50 Beautiful Excel Spreadsheet Templates to use in 2024

A great Excel spreadsheet template is a huge lifesaver. 

The right template will often need little to no work from you, allowing you to get started using a spreadsheet instead of spending countless hours building it.

That’s why we gathered some of the best and most beautiful Excel spreadsheet templates to save you time and money. And, we show you how you can take your spreadsheet game to the next level. Take a look at these 50 spreadsheet templates we put together for you to use in 2024, and save the ones you need.

Let’s get you the templates you need.

10 Business templates

Here are the best templates for your business, plus an option that will help you improve your spreadsheet game: 

1. Polymer: Go Beyond Spreadsheets

Alright, you got us — Polymer isn't exactly a template. 

But, just like spreadsheet templates, Polymer lets you unlock the full potential of your spreadsheets in terms of producing actionable insights and making data more accessible to your team. 

Polymer is a full-fledged Business Intelligence (BI) platform that lets you go beyond your spreadsheet and turn countless rows of data into useful nuggets of wisdom. 

You don't need to touch a single line of code for this. With Polymer's drag-and-drop dashboard builder and cutting-edge lineup of AI tools, you'll be able to incorporate data into your decision-making on a dime.

Let's start with importing your spreadsheet data.

From the data manager, click 'Add New Data Source' and select 'Excel or CSV' (or 'Google Sheets' if you use it). 

The rest of the steps will only take less than a minute. You either just sign in to your Google account and select the right spreadsheet or upload the file straight from your computer. 

After importing your spreadsheet, you can start creating your dashboard from scratch or let AI build one for you in seconds. 

Take note that Polymer also offers a handful of dashboard templates that will pretty much get most of the job done — like this KPI dashboard template here.

To demonstrate the full extent of Polymer's spreadsheet capabilities, let's go with a blank board.

As soon as you create a fresh board, Polymer provides you with AI-driven data visualization suggestions. Simply pick one that you find useful and it will be automatically added to your board.

If you prefer creating visualizations from scratch, click 'Add' from the left menu and select a block that matches the data you want to analyze. 

The available visualization options include heatmaps, pie charts, scorecards, pivot tables, correlation charts, and good old bar charts.

Not sure how to configure your chart?

Don't worry — simply click 'Suggest for me' in the setup panel and choose a data-related question that you want to answer.

You can also use PolyAI — our homebrewed AI assistant — to turn your questions and instructions into ready-to-use data visualizations.

Suppose our spreadsheet includes sales data. When asked to reveal the factors that affect sales performance, our good friend PolyAI came up with the following suggestions:

If you find a suggestion interesting, simply click 'Create Chart' to have PolyAI generate a preview of your visualization. Not only that, it will also include an explanation to help non-data science folks interpret their data. 


We've barely scratched the surface of what Polymer can do with your spreadsheets.

Here are a few other notable features of Polymer that will help make the most out of your spreadsheet data:

  • Data filtering — Set global or chart-level filters to ensure you're working with optimized, clean data.
  • Custom metrics — Automate the calculation of advanced KPIs by setting up custom metrics.
  • Board personalization — Easily swap out the colors of your charts, insert your logo, and enable the info banner or popup modal to instill your brand's identity into your dashboard.
  • In-depth data analysis with AI — Use the "Explain" feature to let AI describe, diagnose, and generate action plans on your data.

Drop your first spreadsheet for free today.

2. Company Organization Template

This simple template by Vertex 42 helps you display your organization’s hierarchy with a simple and visually appealing design. You can easily edit it with the names and positions of your teammates, change colors, and even add their photos.

Download it here.

3. Timeline Template

This timeline template by Go Skills can help you organize and visualize all processes in a project or task. 

With it, you can create an overview of your timeline and break it down into smaller goals, allowing you and your team to know precisely where they are and where they should be.

Get it here.

4. Gantt Chart Template 

Gantt charts are a surprisingly simple yet effective way of planning and managing your projects. Get started with this project Gantt chart template by Spreadsheet 123, and adapt it to manage schedules, set up deliverables, and keep track of all goals in one spreadsheet.

Download it here.

5. Marketing Plan Template

Perfect for marketing teams, this marketing project planner template by My Excel Online allows you to keep track of all deliverables in any marketing project.

With this colorful template, you can break down your marketing plan into smaller tasks, assign them owners and due dates, keep track of costs, and much more.

Get it here.

6. Employee Leave Tracker Template

Use this Excel template by Trump Excel to get started immediately, keep track of working and non-working days, and even set up specific holidays.

Download it here.

7. Project Planner Template

This project planner template by Spreadsheet 123 is a great spreadsheet to break down large plans with multiple team members and a manager.

Set up the duration, owner, and manager for each task, check the remaining days until the project’s due date, and keep track of the project with an automatically-generated project percentage with this Excel template.

Download the XLSX file here.

8. Kanban Board Template

The Kanban Method is a great agile project management approach. Get started with this spreadsheet template by Vertex 42 that allows you to jump right into your Kanban planning, breaking down the tasks in your project and easily keeping track of your progress.

Get a free project management dashboard template from Polymer.

Download the Excel template here.

9. Issue Tracking Template

This spreadsheet by Project Manager lets you keep track of all issues your team or customers can get as they go.

Use this template to keep track of all issues, recording them and collecting data to prevent them from happening again.

Download it here.

10. Monthly Calendar Planner

This simple monthly calendar planner by Spreadsheet 123 allows you to visualize your month and fill up all days with their tasks.

Download the XLSX file here.

10 Productivity templates

Here are the best Excel productivity templates:

1. To-Do List Template

Looking for a simple to-do list? This template by Trump Excel allows you to keep track of your pending tasks on a spreadsheet.

You can also use the template as a printout to write down your tasks and help organize your day.

Get it here.

2. Employee Productivity Report Template

Measure employee productivity and keep track of all billable hours the easy way with this useful template by Time Doctor.

Download the Excel template here.

3. Weekly Timecard Template

This simple weekly timecard template allows you to keep track of the time it takes your team to fulfill a project and helps you bill it according.

Get the template here.

4. Milestone Chart Template

Keep track of your progress and celebrate milestones with this automatically-generated milestone chart template by Trump Excel. 

Download it here.

5. Task Matrix Productivity Template

This Excel template by Trump Excel is a great way to apply the acclaimed Eisenhower Decision Matrix technique, and translate it into a simple spreadsheet.

Download it here.

6. Calendar + To-Do List Template

This powerful template by Trump Excel allows you to keep track of your productivity with a calendar that doubles as a to-do list.

Download it here.

7. KPI Dashboard Template

Use this powerful and brilliantly-designed Excel template by Smartsheet to keep track of all your KPIs and optimize your performance.

Download the template here.

8. Prioritized To-Do List Template

This template by Spreadsheet 123 allows you to prioritize tasks in your to-do list and segment them accordingly.

Download it here.

9. Action Plan Template

This robust action plan template by Project Manager helps you manage your project and visualize tasks in five different project views, including Gantt, kanban, and calendar.

Download the template here.

10. Action Item Template


Break down your action items through conditional formatting with this simple and versatile template by Vertex 42. 

Get the Excel file here.

10 Budget and money management templates

Here are the best budget and money management Excel templates:

1. Blue Balance Sheet

Beautifully designed by Microsoft, this blue balance sheet allows you to audit and improve your budget through detailed analysis.

Download the template here.

2. Activity Costs Tracker

Keep track of all activity costs with this robust template, also designed by Microsoft, and use your data to determine the optimal price for your solutions.

Download it here.

3. Debt Manager

With this simple debt manager template by Spreadsheet 123, you can keep track of all debts and calculate your way out of them down to your monthly payment.

Get it here.

4. Money Management Template

Made by Vertex 42, this optimized money management template allows you to define and keep track of budgets, and compare budgets with actual expenditures.

Download the template here.

5. Staff Training Record

Keep up with the training of your staff with the help of this simple training record spreadsheet designed by WPS template.

Download it here.

6. Payslip Template

This Payslip Template by Vertex 42 allows you to keep track of your employees’ earnings, deductions, and even vacation days, and condenses it all into a net pay.

Download the template here.

7. Net Worth Statement

This net worth statement by Spreadsheet 123 allows you to calculate your current financial worth, and use it to express and keep track of your assets.

Download the file here.

8. Useful Company Business Invoice

This simple company invoice template by WPS template is perfect for doing any invoicing and calculate reimbursements.

Get it here.

9. Money Tracker

Keep track of your money with this simple and powerful money tracker by Vertex 42. Use it to record your earnings and expenses, and separate them according to their categories.

Download the file here

10. Personal Monthly Budget Planner

Perfect for people looking to streamline their budget, this personal monthly budget planner by Spreadsheet 123 allows you to divide your personal income into your living expenses, investments, and savings.

Download the template here.

10 Analysis and Schedule templates

  1. Data Envelopment Analysis Excel Template

Made by Sample Templates, this free Excel template allows you to conduct and calculate environmental analysis.

Download the template here.

2. Competitive Analysis Template

Evaluate your competitors and place them head-to-head the easy way with this robust competitive analysis template by Someka.

Download it here.

3. SWOT Analysis Template

Get started with your SWOT analysis with this Excel template by Smartsheet. This simple template gives you the basics to easily compare the significance of all items in a simple layout.

Get it here.

4. Linear Regression Analysis Template

This template by Template.Net allows you to input your variables, examine their relationship, and even see it represented visually.

Download the template here.

5. Calendar Heat Map Chart

Use this calendar heat map template by Vertex 42 to visualize different workloads through the power of conditional formatting. 

Download the template here.

6. Cohort Analysis Template

Get started with your cohort analysis and streamline even large amounts of data with this powerful Excel template by CFI.

Download it here.

7. Sales Revenue Analysis Template

Keep track of all your products and calculate and compare their individual revenue through this Sales Revenue Analysis Template by ExcelDataPro.

Download it here.

8. Data Envelopment Analysis Template

Perform environmental data analysis easily and use it to predict future outcomes with this simple data envelopment analysis template.

Get the template here

9. Fishbone/Cause and Effect Diagram

Use this simple and fully customizable template by Vertex 42 to visually express cause and effect across your processes.

Download it here.

10. Project Cost Estimator

Easily estimate the costs of all projects by calculating all efforts and expenses and streamline the pricing process through this free project cost estimator template by Analysis Tabs.

Download the Excel template here.

10 ​​Timesheets and HR templates 

Here are some of the best Excel templates to keep track of time and employees:

1. Paycheck Calculator

Calculate everyone’s paycheck, balance salaries and taxes, factor in bonuses or deductions, and even calculate the taxes you have to pay with this Paycheck Calculator by Smartsheet 123.

Download it here.

2. Weekly Excel Timesheet

Keep track of all hours worked with this weekly Excel timesheet from Vertex 42, which also doubles as a printable timesheet for added convenience.

Download it here.

3. Excel Holiday Template

This simple holiday template by Trump Excel, where you can set up a yearly list of holidays, the days remaining until the next holiday and long weekend, and keep track of all holidays year by year.

Get it here.

4. Staff Rotation Schedule

This staff rotation schedule template by Spreadsheet 123 allows you to build and track staff schedules, as well as develop a schedule everyone can instantly understand.

Download it here.

5. Job Application Form

This simple job application template by Vertex 42 is easy to customize according to your needs, allowing you to quickly identify the right candidates for the job.

Download the template here.

6. Random Group Generator

With this random group generator by Trump Excel, you can organize up to 10 groups automatically and without any bias.

Download it here

7. Leave Application Form

This simple and visually-appealing leave application form by WPS Template is a great document to report on and keep track of all employee leaves, along with their dates, reasons, and authorizations.

Get it here.

8. Employment Registration Records

Also by WPS template, this employment registration records template is useful to record all relevant employee information on Excel or as a printed form.

Download it here.

9. ​​Excel Expense Report Template

Perfect for employees on the go, this travel expense report template by Vertex 42 allows you to record all relevant data of each expense, along with any advances and extra notes.

Download it here.

10. Work Shift Schedule

Develop a simple work shift schedule almost instantly, sum up working hours, and keep track of overtime and vacations with this robust free Excel template by Spreadsheet 123.

Download it here.

Why Using the Best Excel Templates is Crucial for Efficiency

Excel — along with other comparable spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets — have a great range of customization and visualization tools. 

So, why bother with Excel templates?

Here are four solid reasons:

  • Save time. The most obvious reason to use Excel templates is to save time and kickstart the data analysis process. Without templates, you could be looking at hours into designing, formatting, and preloading calculations to build your dashboard.
  • Prevent human error. Not only is building an Excel-based dashboard time-consuming, it can also lead to miscalculations. And, if there's one thing we know about data analysis, it's that faulty data can have catastrophic consequences to your decision-making. 
  • Maintain branding consistency. Using templates as means of standardizing your dashboarding process ensures your spreadsheets look and feel consistent. This is important for businesses with external data stakeholders — unless they don't care about their brand image.
  • Data democratization. Excel templates make data analysis tasks accessible to people outside your IT and data science teams. Those who are already experienced with data, on the other hand, can use templates to learn something new or rapidly implement their own ideas into an existing, fully functional dashboard. 

Remember, in today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency is the name of the game. 

Excel templates are not just about aesthetics. In the right hands, they're useful tools for improving efficiency, consistency, and accuracy in your data analysis.

How to Choose Excel Templates for Different Needs

Before we wrap up this post, here are quick pointers on how to choose the best Excel template for your data:

  1. Sharply define your goals. Do you need to track expenses, manage a team, monitor sales performance, or plot a monthly calendar? Understanding why you need a template is half the job of choosing one. 
  2. Consider the customization options. Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of a great Excel template. Even if it looks perfect as is, you'll most likely need a dozen adjustments to retool the template for your data goals.
  3. Check the user reviews. Sometimes, a template's description and its actual performance couldn't be further apart. To avoid wasting time, check the user reviews before downloading and using an Excel template. 
  4. Look at the available support and updates. Premium Excel template creators sometimes offer support and timely updates, which are invaluable for security and stability reasons. As a rule of thumb, avoid templates that aren't updated since the latest version of Excel released.

Final Thoughts

From pivot tables to Gantt charts, Excel templates let you breeze through the ugly aspects of spreadsheet-based data management. But if your goal is to squeeze the most value out of spreadsheets, there's no better way to do it than with Polymer. 

In addition to the robust visualization and AI tools, Polymer's web interface also flattens the learning curve involved with turning spreadsheet datasets into top-quality dashboards.

Best of all, you don't need to spend a single cent to get started.

Click here to begin your 7-day Polymer free trial now.

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