We turn every person using spreadsheets into a data analyst

We’re on a mission to redefine your regular spreadsheets and the way you work with your personal data.

Polymer’s mission

Data is growing exponentially but the ability for the average person to understand it hasn’t kept up. New data tools continue to emerge, but are still too complicated for non-technical people.

Polymer’s mission is to address this inequality and make structured data accessible and understandable to all.

Following 3 pillars lie at the core of Polymer Search’s mission:
Time to insights
Instant insights & answers
Deep data expertise


Ash Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO

Prior Tech Lead for Machine Learning at Google AdWords and a quant developer for algorithmic options trading at the leading quant firm D.E.Shaw in New York.

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When I was at Google, I had the privilege of working with some of the largest advertisers in the world at Google Ads, and I saw first hand how difficult and confusing data-driven marketing can be. Not everyone knows advanced tools like writing SQL queries or doing statistical analysis. That’s why I decided to create Polymer Search to help anyone go deep quickly and extract what exactly is driving your performance metrics or ad spend at any level of detail, without requiring special data science knowledge
Yasser Ansari

Yasser has a background in product development and design. He began his career in product management at Qualcomm in the Qchat group developing a new category of products .

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Yasser has a background in product and design. He began his career in product management at Qualcomm. Prior to Polymer, Yasser founded Specialist Design and worked with companies like Google, Pinterest, Robinhood, and startups in Y Combinator and Techstars. Before that, he founded an EdTech company that became an award-winning joint venture with National Geographic. He earned his Master’s degree from NYU’s ITP where he is adjunct faculty. He is a mentor at NYU's Entrepreneurial Institute, a founding member of Tech@NYU, and a holder of 7 patents.

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Our biggest supporters and investors

Some of our stellar investors and advisors

Greg Badros
Former VP of product @ Facebook
Phil Neches
Founder @ Teradata
Vlad Tenev
Co-Founder at Robinhood

We are growing fast!

Polymer Search's mission is to simplify access and understanding of private or business  data without the need of advanced technical skills. Learn more about our story.

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