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Monitor your Shopify and Amazon business metrics effortlessly. Leverage AI to generate automated digital sales reports. Scale your e-commerce business intelligence & reporting without added complexity.

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Automate Business Intelligence for Your E-commerce Business

Sick of crafting time-consuming manual reports? Automate your e-commerce reporting process in minutes and free up time to focus on strategy and growth. Empower your business with Polymer BI for e-commerce delivering smart reports, insights, and live dashboards.

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Access and monitor all your e-commerce data at a glance

Avoid juggling between different accounts and data sources. Create unique workspaces for each of your sales channels and generate insightful e-commerce business intelligence that you can share with your team or stakeholders.

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Track and visualize your e-commerce success

Maximize your e-commerce reporting & intelligence with our customizable pre-designed templates. Just click on an example to start using it!

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Why Does Business Intelligence Matter for E-Commerce?

A flexible and effective business intelligence platform can help you make better decisions with data, no matter how big or small your team is. Whether your looking to understand customer behavior, create effective personalization plans, manage inventory, perform competitive analysis, or much more, Polymer can help create actionable insights from vast amounts of data.

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We know every e-commerce business is unique. If our templates don't fit, our team can create custom reports that match your Shopify goals. Start understanding your data today with our automated reports for marketing success.
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Connect Data

All your marketing insights & metrics in one place

Get a comprehensive view of all your KPIs and goals.


Artificial intelligence baked-in

Let our AI uncover insights, build dashboards, and perform analysis for you.


Scheduled marketing reports

Receive automated marketing reports via email every day, week, or month.


Automatic Data Refreshes

Always work with live data. Schedule data updates hourly, daily, or weekly, or automatically refresh data in a single click.



Create individual workspaces for each client and generate relevant marketing reports that you can easily share with your clients.

No Code

Embed Anywhere

Beautiful charts and graphs that blend seamlessly into your own apps and services.

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You've already saved me 40% of my current workslogging through Excel... thank you, thank you, thank you

Mark Myers
Sr. Safety Manager @ Baldwin Aviation

Using Polymer's insight automation, we were able to quickly identify our top-performing demographics and increase our ad conversions by 19% within days.

Craig Belcher
Founder @ YourPPCpro

I was gonna do this in Tableau and I just immediately hit a brick wall. Tableau is hard to use, but also, they just don't have a tier I can use. It's too expensive.

Lexi Glosser
Environmental NGO

You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world's been waiting for this for a long time.

Erik Fogg
Co-founder @ ProdPerfect

Using Polymer's insight automation, we were able to quickly identify our top-performing demographics and increase our ad conversions by 19% within days.

Craig Belcher
Founder @ YourPPCpro

Polymer made it super easy to create a searchable archive of the Data Elixir newsletter. Polymer changes the game.

Lon Riesberg
Founder @ Data Elixir

Polymer's innovation to spreadsheet data is similar to how it felt going from calculator to spreadsheet.

Phil Neches
Founder @ Teradata

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