Build Live Reports and Dashboards with your Shopify eCommerce data and Polymer

Go beyond static reports and baked-in charts by easily building dashboards that live sync your Shopify eCommerce data using Polymer's no-code business intelligence (BI) software.

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Import Shopify eCommerce data in seconds

Securely connect your Shopify Store and access unlimited metrics effortlessly. Polymer’s pre-built Shopify connector saves time, eliminates manual work, and gets teams up and running fast.

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Track Your Stores Performance Over Time

No more digging through dirty and confusing spreadsheets to analyze performance. Track and report on any metric and clearly show success to your team, leadership, or clients.

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Share and present your Shopify Store data

Share your performance with your team or stakeholders and keep everyone up-to-date with conversational dashboards.

Import Linear Data in Seconds

Import your Shopify data in seconds

Connect to your Shopify Store in just a few clicks. Import data about your Products, Customers, Sales, and much more.

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“Every dataset has a million stories to tell. At Polymer, we want to give everyone the power to explore, visualize, and present their data confidently.”

Jen Liang
Yasser Ansari
Co-founder & CEO @ Polymer

Build beautiful visualizations and reports that excite your team. Visually highlight targets and noteworthy changes in your campaigns, sales, or ads so your company and clients are aligned.

Automate your Reporting

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Line Chart Dashboard
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Import Linear Data in Seconds

Create Your Own Custom Metrics

Go beyond basic data analysis to find what’s hidden in your data.
  • Easily calculate your profits by subtracting your COGS.
  • Input your lead to sales rate (%) and visualize your funnel performance.
  • Track your channel-wide ROAS or MER.
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Import Linear Data in Seconds

Instantly Share Your Dashboards

Keep your team or clients updated in real-time with valuable insights with unprecedented ease. 
  • Make your reports private or public to everyone with the link.
  • Easily embed your charts and tables in your own software or presentations.
  • Create and share individual views for weekly reports, urgent insights, and more.
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“Polymer helped us automate our weekly reporting which previously took hours of manual, tedious work. We can now clearly see the big picture of our product development which enabled us to make decisions faster. Absolute game changer.”

Jen Liang
Jen Laing
VP, Operations @ Causal IQ

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