Embedded Analytics Made Easy

Beautiful charts and graphs that blend seamlessly into your own apps and services.

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Let your audience explore and understand their data without leaving your app.

Polymer provides interactive visualizations that help your customers discover insights and take action. You can customize and brand your analytics to match your app’s look and feel, and control who can access what data.

No headaches or hassles

Polymer offers the fastest and easiest way to embed charts, graphs and other data visualizations into your own applications and services. Create beautiful dashboards and reports that blend seamlessly with your app’s design and functionality.

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// putcurl --location --request POST 'https://api.polymersearch.com/v1/dataset' \
'x-api-key: Xdc7f6-feXX-43XX-XX4d-5673d8f0d5XX' \
'name="Name of the dataset.csv"' \
'file=@"/local_file_path/local path to file.csv"'

Built for developers

Polymer is built for developers who want to add analytics to their apps without hassle. Embed charts, graphs, and visualizations into your app with just a few lines of code. Use our intuitive block-based interface to design your dashboards and reports or harness the power of our API to build everything programatically.

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Scale as you grow

No setup costs or long-term contracts. Start with a free trial and scale up as you grow. Polymer offers transparent and flexible pricing plans that suit your needs and budget. Whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users, we have you covered.

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"Our engineering team was blown away with the flexibility, visual appeal, and power of the Polymer API"

Angad Chowdhry
Co-founder at QUILT.AI

Read the documentation

Access our technical documentation for detailed information on API integration.

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