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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
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Get instant access to Polymer Search, the best way to turn spreadsheets into applications.
Turn boring spreadsheets into brilliant applications ✨
The only way to make your data searchable, intelligent, and interactive in seconds.
No coding or technical setup required.
The only way to make your spreadsheets
searchable, intelligent, and interactive
in seconds. No technical setup required.
From spreadsheet to data expert, in seconds
Instant Visualizations | Automatic Insights | Search & Query
Connect instantly with any spreadsheet.

Trusted by hundreds of organizations to make sense of their data without a single line of code.

Get a personalized tour of how Polymer Search can
10x your data performance for your team.
Check out the magic of Polymer with these real apps
All were built with a spreadsheet and Polymer Search.
No coding was used to build these apps.
Discover hidden gems for your Netflix fix
Everything AWS
Explore every AWS-related GitHub repository
Google Ads Insights
See how quickly you can uncover insights for ad campaigns
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Connect Your Data
Upload your spreadsheet or connect to your data on Airtable, Google Sheets, and more.

Polymer Does Its Magic
Polymer uses the latest in AI data algorithms to find connections within your dataset.

Your Data App Is Ready!
This is the fun part. Find insights, make your data accessible to others, and more.
Learn about Polymer Search in 2 minutes
Watch how to go from spreadsheet to an intelligent application in a matter of clicks
Enhance Your Spreadsheet Data With AI
Explore how our AI can take your spreadsheet data to another level
No-code, no-configuration. Save hours of time.
100% automatic
Just drag/drop or connect a live spreadsheet source like Google Sheets, Airtable and Excel.
Easy to add or connect data
Polymer reverse engineers everything and builds an interactive app in seconds
Raw data to interactive app in seconds
Polymer even buckets numbers for you, so you can form a quick intuition and query complex data intelligently.
Auto-bucketing and query hotkeys
All entities are automatically extracted and converted to clickable tags. Form complex queries instantly.
World's easiest query interface
Searching structured data shouldn't be so hard. Just a couple of keystrokes and see detailed search results.
Advanced text search
Ever-present, the Bulb is always there to take you to important answers from anywhere.
The Bulb
See a quick map of all of Polymer's capabilities and get suggestions with a single click.
Smart Start
Since Polymer builds a detailed understanding of your data, it can give you intelligent recommendations across all features.
Let Polymer recommend answers
Whenever you do a scatter plot or time series, get a complete breakdown of correlations or time trends. Statistical depth with 0 work.
Smart insights included for free
Whether it's a bar chart report or heatmap, you can click on any axis or slice to query that part of data. Your data feels completely alive.
Click anywhere to go deeper
With just 2-3 clicks, you can create complex charts without struggling with settings. Or Polymer can generate one for you.
Fast visuals and reports
Perfect for marketers, sales and e-commerce, get the full multi-factor breakdown of performance in just 2 clicks.
Explain ROI in full detail
Have a date column? Polymer can automatically detect and find important time trends.
Smart Trend Detection
Called "Machine learning for humans", explain anything in your data with just 2 clicks.
Explain anything instantly
Data-driven meetings
Whether it's internal or external stakeholders, Polymer can help provide easy and instant data transparency.
Share, Embed or Publish
Instantly save and share important findings or reports with a single click. Easy, agile collaboration.
Dynamic Views
Given Polymer's interactive and instant nature, you can finally leverage data for intelligent conversations around your business.
Don't Take Our Word For It
Erik Fogg
Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer @ ProdPerfect
"You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world's been waiting for this for a long time."
Greg Badros
Former VP of Product & Data Science @ Facebook
Former Director of Gmail & AdSense @ Google
"Complex aspects of my data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is incredibly refreshing."
Roger Lee
Creator of Layoffs.fyi
"We used Polymer to convert nearly 100 spreadsheets into a single directory that's easy to filter and search. It would've taken months to build this ourselves."
Digital Marketers
Sales Professionals
Curators & Publishers
Raw data brought to life instantly. Visually query, search, interact with tags and share.
Imagine Google but for your own data. Understands columns, tags and dimensions.
Deep answers for marketing data. Multi-cohort analysis, ROI optimization, time-series trends, instant reports for clients. No code required.
Understand in-depth ICP, Sales performance, ROI opportunities and more in a few clicks.

Polymer Is Built For You
Product, revenue, margins, demographics...understand and spot detailed opportunities. Maximize profits.
E-Commerce Sellers
Have data? Turn it into content marketing and engagement. For your audience or new prospects.
Data Analysts
Content Creators
Showcasing the power and flexibility of Polymer with apps built by our users and partners.
Check out even more amazing Polymer Search apps
Content Discovery
Present your content and let your audience search for entries that match their affinity
Share Curated Content
Present your constituents with a view of available tools or assets
Employee Search Dir...
Create a company rolodex for employee search and discovery
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Use Polymer to present content in a simple, user-driven discovery experience
Search & Discovery Use Cases
Ecommerce Insights
Find which products have the best margin given customer acquisition costs and more
Facebook Ads
Search multi-demographic segments to find the audience with the best ROI
Compile Survey Data
Visualize aggregated responses and slice the results by other variables
Google Ads
Perform multi-segment analyses to optimize campaign performance
Sales Intelligence
Analyze the reasons that top accounts are being won and more
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
Polymer example
With powerful, simple to use optimization and charting features, Polymer is the insights tool for everyone
Insight & Visualization Use Cases