Call to achieve team-wide data transparency

Polymer can help businesses break critical information out of organizational silos.  No other tool makes it easier to share insights, and is more accessible to all employees, regardless of analytic background.

Since adoption is the most critical, often ignored component of success, we’ll hold tutorial presentations for your team, specially targeted to your use case, and provide special access to priority support.

How you will benefit:

Achieve team-wide data collaboration and sharing


Access data experts for consulting and to drive adoption


Automate workflows with our powerful API

200+ companies love Polymer

Polymer allows us to make spreadsheets work for us. We can visualize really specific aspects of our global business and make real business decisions a lot quicker.

Cillian Bracken Conway
Managing Director at Vine Digital

Complex aspects of my spreadsheet data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is incredibly exciting.

Greg Badros
Former VP of Product @ Facebook