Uncover Hidden Insights in Your Data Without Any Technical Skills

Transform static data into beautiful interactive visual apps in seconds. Stop spending hours staring at endless tables and start extracting actionable intelligence with no code needed.

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More insights, less work

Get more value from your data without complicated spreadsheets.

Beautiful dashboards

Nail your next presentation with a minimalistic, clean, and modern design.

Make data easy to read

Enable your team to explore and visualize your data in real time with unprecedented ease.

“I used to waste at least 2 hours every day looking at these huge spreadsheets. Now, I spend 10 minutes, at most."

More than 65% of today’s businesses have been reported to be overwhelmed by their ever-increasing amount of data. We know it’s hard to make sense of all this data, not to mention the time it takes to do so. Polymer makes it easy for everyone (and not just tech-savvy data scientists) to extract actionable insights with ease.

Connect Data For Free
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No code required

Live collaborative dashboards

Beautiful modern design

Built-in data connectors

Simple and intuitive

Affordable at $20/month

"Every dataset has a million stories to tell. At Polymer, we want to give everyone the power to explore, visualize, and present their data confidently.”

Yasser Ansari
Co-Founder & CEO @ Polymer

Import Data from Your Favorite Sources

Connect your data from our comprehensive list of built-in data connectors. Import your data, build dashboards, uncover insights, and share your findings instantly.

  • Import data from 14 different sources (and counting) at no extra costs.
  • Connect to an unlimited number of accounts with an unlimited number of users. Perfect for agencies or freelancers.
  • Sync your data to update on a schedule down to hourly updates.
Connect Data For Free
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Tap Into Polymer’s AI & Build Beautiful Dashboards

Let Polymer’s AI recommend dozens of different visualizations to explain your data and build beautiful insightful dashboards.

  • Choose from our gallery of pre-existing templates or build your own with ease.
  • Leverage Polymer’s auto-suggested blocks and slice through your data like never before.
  • Build modern, clean, and minimalistic dashboards and customize them to your brand’s look and feel.
  • Embed Loom videos and include text blocks to explain your data in more detail.
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Make Working with Data Collaboratively Easier Than Ever

Keep your team or clients in the loop with valuable insights, updated every hour.

  • Make your reports private or public to everyone with access to the link.
  • Embed your blocks or dashboards in your website, software, or presentation.
  • Anyone can interact with your data and find insights on their own.
Connect Data For Free
Analyze My Data

"Polymer helped us automate our weekly reporting which previously took hours of manual, tedious work. We can now clearly see the big picture of our product development which enabled us to make decisions faster. Absolute game changer.”

Jen Laing
VP, Operations @ Causal IQ

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