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Go beyond pre-made charts and templates by easily building WooCommerce dashboards that live sync your data using Polymer's no-code business intelligence (BI) software.

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Import WooCommerce data in seconds

Securely connect your WooCommerce data and access unlimited metrics effortlessly. Polymer’s pre-built WooCommerce connector saves time, eliminates manual work, and gets teams up and running fast.

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Track your WooCommerce performance over time

No more digging through dirty and confusing spreadsheets to analyze performance. Track and report on any metric and clearly show success to your team, leadership, or clients.

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Share and present your WooCommerce data

Share your performance with your team or stakeholders and keep everyone up-to-date with conversational WooCommerce dashboards.

Import WooCommerce data in seconds

Connect your WooCommerce data in just a few clicks. Import all of your WooCommerce metrics and get AI insights in an instant.

Connect CSV data
Import Linear Data in Seconds

Build beautiful visualizations and reports that excite your team based on your WooCommerce data. Visually highlight targets and noteworthy changes in your campaigns, sales, or ads so your entire team is aligned.

Go beyond baked-in charts and static reports

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“You've already saved me 40% of my current work slogging through WooCommerce data in Excel...
thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jen Liang
Mark Myers
Sr. Safety Manager at Baldwin Aviation

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