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Tired of navigating complex data landscapes? Streamline your enterprise analytics effortlessly and allocate more time for strategic planning. Boost your organization with Polymer BI, offering intelligent dashboards, real-time insights, and AI-driven reports.
Connect Data

Import data from Shopify, WooCommerce, Meta Ads, Google Ads, Google Sheets, and dozens of other data connectors in seconds.

Connect Data

Build your own custom dashboard or pick from our pre-built templates: SEO report, Shopify Product Overview, PPC report & much more!

Connect Data

Monitor your most important KPIs in one single dashboard. Build beautiful dashboards using data from dozens of different sources and see how your business is performing across the board, instantly.


Simply type a question or tap into Polymer's auto-suggested visualizations to uncover powerful insights that will allow you to cut down on costs and increase profits. Uncover trending products, visualize top-performing ads, or calculate blended CACs.


Share your dashboards with your team or clients with a simple link.

“Complex aspects of my spreadsheet data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is incredibly refreshing.”

Greg Badros
Greg Badros
Former VP of Ads @ Meta

Turn Raw Data Into Revenue.
Uncover Powerful Insights to Grow Your Business

Unlock Product Performance Insights
Polymer integrates with the world's largest eCommerce and marketing platforms so you can easily monitor everything you need to see your e-commerce store succeed.
Optimize Your PPC Campaigns
Uncover your top-performing campaigns, ad groups, audiences, keywords, and more. Leverage Polymer's AI to suggest powerful visualizations to identify growth opportunities, trends, or outliers in your data.
Uncover Your Top Performing Ads
Connect your Meta or Google Ads accounts and build image galleries, tables, line charts, and dozens of other visualizations to understand which ads are hitting your goals and which ones aren't. It's the perfect tool to analyze data and coordinate between creative strategists, designers, and media buyers.

Save Time & Money. Analyse Your Data 

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Quit Wasting Hours On Weekly Reports
Sick of wasting time building daily or weekly reports? Automate your reporting process in minutes and free your time to focus on strategy and growth. Keep your team and clients updated with smart reports, insights, and live dashboards.
No More Juggling Platforms
Streamline your data in one single platform.  Polymer brings your data together so you don't have to log-in to dozens of differents platforms every single day.
Say Goodbye to Expensive Data Connectors
Tired of wasting money every month with premium data connectors? Polymer's built-in connectors allow you to import data from dozens of platforms without any additional costs.

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You've already saved me 40% of my current workslogging through Excel... thank you, thank you, thank you

Mark Myers
Sr. Safety Manager @ Baldwin Aviation

Using Polymer's insight automation, we were able to quickly identify our top-performing demographics and increase our ad conversions by 19% within days.

Craig Belcher
Founder @ YourPPCpro

I was gonna do this in Tableau and I just immediately hit a brick wall. Tableau is hard to use, but also, they just don't have a tier I can use. It's too expensive.

Lexi Glosser
Environmental NGO

You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world's been waiting for this for a long time.

Erik Fogg
Co-founder @ ProdPerfect

Using Polymer's insight automation, we were able to quickly identify our top-performing demographics and increase our ad conversions by 19% within days.

Craig Belcher
Founder @ YourPPCpro

Polymer made it super easy to create a searchable archive of the Data Elixir newsletter. Polymer changes the game.

Lon Riesberg
Founder @ Data Elixir

Polymer's innovation to spreadsheet data is similar to how it felt going from calculator to spreadsheet.

Phil Neches
Founder @ Teradata

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