Turn Your Marketing Data into Powerful Growth-Driven Insights

Easily import your marketing data from Facebook and Google Ads and build beautiful dashboards in seconds. Uncover hidden growth opportunities and scale your ads faster than ever before.

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Easy automated reporting

Save hundreds of hours each month by automating your marketing reports.

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Scale your campaigns faster

Uncover insights in your datasets like never before and scale your accounts to new heights.

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Easy to use

Create dashboards in seconds and sync them with your data sources for beautiful interactive dashboards.

“Complex aspects of my spreadsheet data were made obvious in ways I've never experienced before. Polymer's approach is incredibly refreshing.”

Greg Badros
Greg Badros
Former VP of Ads @ Meta

Import Data from your Favourite Sources

Use Polymer’s built-in data connectors and access data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Shopify and many other marketing sources with no additional cost per connector or account.

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Build beautiful dashboards in seconds

Create insightful reports in seconds with no code needed and tell your data’s story visually. Create charts, tables, and other data visualizations and stun your team with beautiful presentations.

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Data made accessible to your entire team

Bring your team together around a dataset and collaboratively uncover insights in your data. Share your dashboards with your entire team with a simple click, with no limits to users added.

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“Polymer’s built-in connectors enabled me to build automated reports for my clients for a fraction of the cost of the previous tools I was using. Each dashboard only takes me a few minutes to create and allows me to keep track of my most important metrics.”

Alexandre Almeida
Alexandre Almeida
PPC Marketing Consultant

Data made accessible to your entire team

Data visualization has never been this easy. Learn why Polymer is the best solution for your business.
Connect Data

Data Connectors

Pull data from over 10 different sources with our built-in connectors, with no added costs.


Highly Customizable

Easily create customizable dashboards with tables, charts, and other visualizations.


Interactive Data

Click on any element in your dataset and slice through your data like a pro.



At only $9/mo, we make data visualization affordable to everyone.



Share your reports with anyone in your team, with no limits to users.

No Code

No Code Needed

We’re a truly no-code tool. Easily create dashboards with a few simple clicks.

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