Streamline Your Facebook Ads Reports: 100% Automated Dashboards, Built in Seconds.

Tired of wasting your time building reports for your clients? Can’t find a better way to track your ad creative performance without using a boring spreadsheet? With Polymer’s built-in Facebook Ads connector, we have a better way.

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Built-In Data Connectors

Connect unlimited accounts at no extra cost.

Real-Time Data

Visualize your data in real-time. Perfect for client reports.

AI-Powered Blocks

Build blocks in a breeze with the assistance of PolyAI.

Your Facebook Ads Data Explained, Visually.

Choose from one of Polymer’s pre-built templates, use Polymer’s AI to automatically generate one in a few simple clicks, or create one from scratch 100% tailored to your needs.

"I was paying +$150/mo for data connectors alone. With Polymer, I can import data from multiple sources and build some of the most beautiful reports I’ve ever seen. Game-changer.”

Alex A.
Media Buyer

Data Science Meets Media Buying: Scale Your Facebook Ads Account with Real Insights

Polymer is not just a dashboarding tool like many others out there.

It’s business intelligence made easy for busy marketers and business owners who don’t have the resources to visualise and/or present their data in an efficient way.

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Once you connect your data, you’ll be able to…

Slice and dice your data to uncover your top-performing ad creative, campaigns, audiences, and uncover ways to increase your ROAS and/or lower your CPA.

Monitor your most important KPIs across the board including data from other sources such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Ads, and much more.

Create custom metrics to calculate your blended ROAS, customer LTV, new customer acquisition costs, or lead-to-sale ratio effortlessly.

Visualize your data with the support of images, charts, blocks, and even Loom videos to explain your data and keep notes.

"Polymer helped us automate our weekly reporting which previously took hours of manual, tedious work. We can now clearly see the big picture of our product development which enabled us to make decisions faster. Absolute game changer.”

Jen Laing
VP, Operations @ Causal IQ

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