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10 Best Alternatives to Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio) in 2024

Explore the top Google Data Studio alternatives in 2024! Dive into the world beyond the standard Looker & GDS dashboards to elevate your analytics game.

Table of Contents

- Polymer

- Databox

- Metabase

- Tableau

- Inetsoft

- Infogram

- Agency Analytics

- Dasthis

- Geckoboard


With the evolution of Google Data Studio into Looker Studio, many organizations are on the prowl for robust alternatives. Whether you're seeking a more intuitive interface, advanced visualization capabilities, or simply a change of pace, there's a smorgasbord of options in the market. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the top 10 Looker Studio alternatives, leaving no stone unturned. So, if you're itching to get the lowdown on the best GDS dashboard options out there, read on!

1. Polymer: The All-in-One Business Intelligence Tool

Why Polymer?

First off, let's address the elephant in the room: Polymer. It's not just any ordinary BI tool; it's like the Swiss Army knife of data visualization. Here's why:

- No-code magic: Craft custom dashboards and visuals without a single line of code. That's right, no technical mumbo-jumbo involved.

- One tool, multiple teams: From marketing mavens to sales superstars and DevOps dynamos, every department in your organization can find value in Polymer.

- Diverse data sources: Google Analytics 4, Airtable, Shopify, you name it. With Polymer, you can plug and play your data from a myriad of sources.

- Visualization galore: Heatmaps, pie charts, scatter plots—oh my! Polymer's got a visualization for every data story you want to tell.

And if you're on the fence, here's a gentle nudge: Polymer offers a free 14-day trial. Power your data with Polymer today at https://www.polymersearch.com

2. Databox


Databox is a mobile-first business analytics platform, pulling all your data into one cohesive dashboard.

Unique Features

- Real-time data syncing

- Pre-built integrations with popular tools

- Performance alerts and analytics

Why Consider Databox?

If you're keen on having a snapshot of your business metrics on the fly, Databox might just be your cup of tea. Its mobile-first approach ensures you're always in the loop.

3. Metabase


Metabase is an open-source BI tool, focusing on simplicity without compromising on capabilities.

Unique Features

- SQL and no-SQL support

- Customizable dashboard layouts

- Active community support

Why Consider Metabase?

Think of it as the Robin Hood of BI tools. It brings advanced analytics to all, without the hefty price tag.

4. Tableau


Tableau, a titan in the BI world, offers an immersive data experience, from visualization to exploration.

Unique Features

- Advanced data blending

- Extensive community resources

- AI-driven insights

Why Consider Tableau?

It's like having a Swiss army knife for your data. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, Tableau caters to all.

5: Inetsoft


Inetsoft, a pioneer in the BI realm, offers flexibility and scalability, catering to both techie and non-techie users.

Unique Features

- Drag-and-drop design

- Data mashup capabilities

- Robust security features

Why Consider Inetsoft?

Ever felt like you're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with your BI tool? With Inetsoft, you get a tool tailored to fit varying business needs.

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6. Grow


Grow focuses on simplifying the BI process, making data-driven decisions accessible for all businesses, big or small.

Unique Features

- Over 150 pre-built integrations

- Customizable dashboards

- Collaborative features for team analytics

Why Consider Grow?

If you've got a budding business and you're looking to, well, grow, this tool might be just the ticket. It's user-friendly and doesn't break the bank.

7. Infogram


Infogram takes data visualization to the next level. It's all about creating engaging visuals that tell a story.

Unique Features

- Interactive charts and infographics

- A vast library of templates

- Easy embedding and sharing options

Why Consider Infogram?

Let's face it, data can be dry. But with Infogram, you can jazz up your analytics, making it digestible and, dare I say, fun!

8. Agency Analytics


Agency Analytics, as the name suggests, is tailor-made for agencies. It offers a holistic view of all marketing channels.

Unique Features

- SEO tools integration

- White-label reporting

- Automated data fetching

Why Consider Agency Analytics?

For agencies, time is money. This tool ensures you spend less time compiling and more time strategizing.

9. Dashthis


Dashthis offers a streamlined dashboard experience, focusing on real-time data monitoring.

Unique Features

- Multi-platform integration

- User-friendly interface

- Collaborative workspaces

Why Consider Dashthis?

In the fast-paced world of analytics, being a step behind can cost you. Dasthis ensures you're always ahead of the curve.

10. Geckoboard


Geckoboard is all about clarity. It transforms your data into clear, actionable insights.

Unique Features

- TV dashboard displays

- Real-time metric tracking

- Custom themes and designs

Why Consider Geckoboard?

Ever felt lost in a sea of data? Geckoboard acts as your lighthouse, guiding you to the insights that matter.

Going Beyond the Ordinary GDS Dashboard

While Looker Studio, formerly known as Google Data Studio, offers a plethora of functionalities, it's always a good idea to keep an eye out for other fish in the sea. The BI landscape is teeming with tools, each with its unique flair. Whether you're a small startup or a sprawling enterprise, there's something out there that fits just right.

Why Consider Alternatives?

Stepping out of one's comfort zone can be daunting. You might wonder, "Why fix something that isn't broken?" But in the rapidly evolving world of business intelligence, resting on one's laurels isn't an option.

Fresh Perspectives

Using a new tool can offer fresh perspectives. Sometimes, a different visualization or a unique feature can shine a light on insights that previously went unnoticed.

Tailored Solutions

Not all businesses are cut from the same cloth. An alternative might cater specifically to your industry or niche, offering tailored solutions.


Let's not beat around the bush; budget plays a big role. Some alternatives might offer more bang for your buck, providing essential features without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wrapping Up

The quest for the perfect BI tool is like finding a needle in a haystack. But with this comprehensive list of Looker Studio alternatives, we hope to make the hunt a tad easier. Remember, it's not about finding the best tool, but the right one. So, roll up those sleeves, dive into these platforms, and see which one tickles your fancy.

And hey, if you're looking for an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates with a myriad of data sources, don't forget to check out Polymer. With its intuitive dashboard and extensive visualization options, it's a force to be reckoned with. Give it a whirl with a 14-day free trial at https://www.polymersearch.com. Who knows? Your perfect match might just be a click away!

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January 27, 2024
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January 27, 2024
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