Chapter 10: Google Analytics 4 Reporting Templates

Are you looking for Google Analytics 4 reporting templates?

If you answered “yes,” then we’ve got you covered.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is rich with crucial business and digital marketing information, such as website traffic, conversions, and user demographic data. 

However, keeping up with all this data and turning them into valuable, easy-to-view, and accessible reports can be challenging. 

One solution to streamline and optimize your data reporting is to use GA4 reporting templates. This way, you won’t need to build reports from scratch, saving time and effort.  

In the previous chapters, we talked about what “What is Google Analytics 4?

Now, let’s dive deeper by covering the top ten Google Analytics 4 reporting template examples you can customize and use for your data reporting needs.    

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10 Examples of Google Analytics reporting templates 

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People also ask

1. Can I connect my Google Analytics 4 account to a Google Looker studio template?

2. Can I share GA 4 reporting templates with team members?

3. Can I create a GA 4 reporting template from scratch?

Make your Google Analytics 4 reporting easier with templates

10 Examples of Google Analytics reporting templates 

GA4 offers many new advanced features.

Among other things, it allows you to customize your dashboard and reports.

However, to save time and avoid setting up your reports from scratch, consider using customizable Google Analytics 4 templates.

Below are some GA4 templates worth checking out.

1. Google Analytics 4 Essential Looker Studio template

The GA4 essential template by Looker Studio gives you an overview of your page views, main engagement metrics, ecommerce, and traffic sources. 

It also includes all Events, comprehensive ecommerce performance charts, screen resolution and browsers report, and shopping funnel behavior statistics, as shown in the example below.

While the template looks plain, it can have everything you need with its easy-to-understand graphs, stats, and charts. 

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2. Core Web Vitals template

The Core Web Vitals template by Web Site Advantage helps you track real, fine-grained users through BigQuery and Google Analytics 4. 

The template is designed to track and measure key metrics, so you gain insights into real-world user experience based on your website’s interactivity, loading performance, and webpage visual stability. 

Select the drop-down menu to filter your data view. 

Customize the Core Web Vitals template for GA4 to resolve web performance issues promptly.    

3. Combined report template

Google Looker Studio offers a reporting template combining your GA4, Search Console, and Google Business Profile data. 

The combined data reporting template can give you vital, detailed information to track your marketing efforts. 

Set the necessary metrics and customize the template’s charts, graphs, and tables to highlight, summarize, and visualize your organic search results, Google business impact data, and GA4 ecommerce and general metrics data. 

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4. GA4 and UA audit and comparison template

Checking and comparing your GA4 and Universal Analytics (UA) data can be challenging because the two platforms use different data collection and handling processes. 

Ensure your data is intact and successfully migrated when you learn how to upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (from UA) with the Google Analytics 4 Audit & Comparison (GA4 vs UA) template

The reporting template includes six pages that show the tracked data from GA4 and UA. It gives you a side-by-side view, allowing you to spot missing or peculiar data. 

Know what makes GA4 unique from UA by reading this Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics: 10 Key Differences guide. 

It can simplify spotting inaccuracies and missing data from your GA4 property after migrating it from UA. 

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5. Live Ecommerce Infographics for GA4

Instead of traditional formats, spice up your GA4 data reporting with infographics. 

Use the Live Ecommerce Infographics - Google Analytics (GA4) template to add visual pizzazz to your usual tables and charts. 

Create live ecommerce infographics showcasing your multiple or single report data and visualize metrics such as checkouts, product views, and total revenue in a flash.  

6. Google Analytics 4 Overview Template

Get a visit and transaction overview and comparison by date report with the Google Analytics 4 Overview template

Customize the Comparison report template (second page) by including the average session duration, engagement rate, transaction, total users, and other relevant data. 

It can be a useful template for SaaS companies that want to track website visits, your clients’ transactions, and how users interact on your site.  

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7. Comprehensive GA4 reporting template

Get an in-depth view of your Google Analytics 4 data with One PPC’s Free Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - Google Looker Studio Report.

The ten-page report includes the essential GA4 metrics and information you can easily customize, including:

  • A dashboard
  • Historical comparison
  • Acquisition data (based on mediums and campaigns)
  • Engagement data (based on your customers’ activity, Events, and pages)

8. Traffic and conversions data template 

The single-page traffic and conversions data template by Metricized gives you a big-picture view of the following:

  • Traffic sources and devices
  • Top landing pages
  • User demographics
  • Events and conversions

Customize the template’s scorecards and charts to show your traffic and goals data, simplifying measuring your website’s performance. 

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9. GA4 Classic Mode template

If you want a simple, standard reporting template, the GA4 Classic Mode template by André Mafei is for you. 

Customize the template to create reports on your key metrics and data, from your audience to conversions. 

10. GA4 Exploration report templates

GA4 offers built-in reporting templates that you can customize accordingly.

You can create a custom report and save it as a template or choose one from the Explorations template gallery to customize a pre-built report.

If you’ve been using Google Analytics 4 Reports and Analysis Hub, you’ll love Explorations. 

GA4’s reporting templates make exploring and analyzing your data more efficient without building your reports from scratch. 

Learn more about Explorations and GA4’s new features from this 10 Advanced Features of Google Analytics 4 [2023] guide.

Get more amazing reporting templates from Polymer

Use Polymer if you want more advanced, intuitive, and stunning GA4 reporting templates that go beyond the ones above. 

The no-code Business Intelligence (BI) software streamlines your data reporting and visualization through smart and advanced features. 

Polymer’s Google Analytics 4 integration lets you connect your GA4 account, pull your data, and generate reports, dashboards, and other visualizations in minutes. 

Creating GA4 reports has never been easier with Polymer. 

People also ask

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about GA reporting templates. 

1. Can I connect my Google Analytics 4 account to a Google Looker studio template?


You can use the Looker Studio built-in connector or reliable third-party data connector apps to integrate your GA4 account into the platform. 

2. Can I share GA4 reporting templates with team members?

Yes, if you own the template or have the right credentials to access and share the templates.

GA4 lets you export reports as PDF or CSV files.   

3. Can I create a GA4 reporting template from scratch?

Yes, you can by using the GA4 Explorations feature. 

Make your Google Analytics 4 reporting easier with templates

GA4 reporting templates save you time and energy by providing the basic framework for your reports. 

Choose the best Google Analytics template, replace it with your own data and other components, and poof, your GA4 report is ready!

Also, get more advanced and comprehensive GA4 reporting templates with Polymer. 

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