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What's new in Polymer: Dec 13, 2022

Block based filtering, multiple y-axis metrics, & the new scorecard block!

Block-based filtering

A couple of weeks ago we added block-based filtering to our API & it’s now available to all of our users via our web application! Each block will have a filter icon (with horizontal lines) that can be used to filter only that block. Global filters under the navbar, on the other hand, will apply to all of your blocks.

Multiple y-axis metrics

Many of our users have shared that their data comparison often includes visualizing two metrics within the same chart. We’ve added the ability to add multiple values to the y-axis of our line, bar/column, & time-series charts. Check it out!

Scorecard blocks

If you’re looking to measure KPIs or track progress towards goals, use the new scorecard block. Like all of our blocks, you can find this feature in our Insights tab by clicking the [+ New Block] button.

Other fixes & improvements

  • For the Facebook Ads connector, choose how to breakdown your data, select which columns to import, & the date range of the data
  • Trend line information available for Time Series & Scatter Plot blocks
  • Pivot table improvements to display of percentages & total calculations for non-SUM operations
  • Sync settings have been separated from the ‘Customize’ into their own menu, also found in each file’s settings in the Workspace
  • Fix pushed for a settings related bug
Posted on
December 13, 2022
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December 13, 2022
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Kathryn Dean

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