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Turn your data into a client-ready presentation with Polymer: Jun 18, 2024

May & June updates have been focused on customization + our new presentation mode. Use Polymer to tell your data story, from data straight to presentation.

Turn your data into a client-ready presentation with Polymer

If you are having a hard time keeping clients engaged with your reports or just spend way too much time updating dashboards to take screenshots & then update presentations each week... these updates are for you!

How to turn your data into a live presentation:

1. Insight explanations by our AI or by you

Polymer will automatically build a dashboard for you from one or several datasets. Not only is this dashboard full of interesting visualizations, but our AI also generates explanations for those visualizations including key patterns, predictions, actions, & additional analysis to perform.

You can let our AI do the talking or customize explanations to take control over the narrative presented to your team or clients.

2. A new level of white-labeling

Color customization now happens on the block level - find this on the style tab of the block's setup menu.

In addition to custom colors you can also upload images to your dashboard with logos orthe creative that crushed last month's engagement goal.

3. Presentations live linked to your data

Share your data story via the presentation mode. Each slide includes a block & its respective explanation. Include title slides, insights, Loom videos, images, & more in your client presentations. Directly linked to your data for heightened interactivity & easy updates.

✨ Bonus tip

Once a report has been set up for one client, you can easily turn it into a template. Then for new clients, simply use that template with the new client's data. The same structure & blocks will be built automatically, so you can just customize the details & send off a report in just a few minutes!

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June 18, 2024
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June 18, 2024
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Kathryn Dean

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