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What's new in Polymer: Jan 19, 2023

New data table block, block-level embedding, & pie chart improvements

New data table block

The Data Table block allows you to add a summarization of your data within an Insights view. You can add as many categories & metrics as are available in your data to make this block as detailed as needed!

This is useful to display a subset of data in a relevant dashboard or to breakdown metrics at a hyper-detailed level. We’ve added these to the end of some of our dashboards to see relevant metrics for each of our ads or to check out conversions among specific groups.

Block-level embedding

After saving a view, each block (or chart) that has been added will have a unique embed code generated. This means that an individual chart or visualization can be embedded into your website or other platform. This is still available at the view level as well!

Pie chart improvements

A highly requested update, pie charts now allow for summarization by a metric in your data. Meaning that rather than simply counting a category like “Ad group” to see the breakdown, you can add a metric like “Clicks” to see the breakdown of “Ad group” performance by this metric.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Polymer branding updates in shared views
  • Improvements to Facebook Ads connector
  • Improvements to suggestions
  • Bug fixes in various blocks
  • Refinement of shared views, downloaded blocks, & embeds
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January 19, 2023
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January 19, 2023
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Kathryn Dean

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