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What's new in Polymer: Nov 9, 2022

Unstacked bar charts, JPG downloads for charts, & more

Unstacked bar charts

View multiple metrics or a sliced bar as an unstacked bar chart. Our previous version of bar charts allowed for multiple metrics or slices to be viewed as a stacked chart. We’ve added support to “unstack” this for easier side-by-side comparison between values.

Downloading blocks as a jpg

Each block can be downloaded as a jpg image with chart titles & axes titles. This way, you can easily add charts to your presentations.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Navigate your Workspace & launch Apps in the same tab
  • Filters have been moved above the header in the Data tab
  • Auto-cropping of thumbnails in  Gallery format
  • Guest users can interact with selected filters within a restricted view
  • Support added for number formats such as 10M, 2k, 13B
  • Support added for emails as tags
Posted on
November 9, 2022
under Blog
November 9, 2022
Written by
Kathryn Dean

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