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Convert a Spreadsheet Into a Beautiful Web App in Seconds

We live in a world exploding with data. But what can you do with that data besides accumulating it? With Polymer Search, you can transform your data-filled spreadsheets into a highly interactive web application in minutes.

How to Choose the Best Spreadsheet Conversion Tool

Introduction: The Rise of Spreadsheet Web Apps

In the bustling digital era, turning your meticulous spreadsheets into interactive web applications, like with Polymer Search, has become a cornerstone for efficient data management and presentation. But how do you select the optimal tool for converting your Excel to a web app?

A. User-Friendly Interface: A Non-negotiable

When opting for a spreadsheet conversion tool, an intuitive, user-friendly interface is paramount. Can you navigate through the platform effortlessly, or is it a maze of complexity? A tool that offers a straightforward conversion process—upload, convert, and share, like Polymer Search, is often a wise choice.

B. Real-Time Data Interaction: A Vital Feature

Imagine converting your data-laden spreadsheet into a web application, and then visualizing and interacting with the data in real-time. A potent spreadsheet conversion tool should allow users and stakeholders to interact with the data, making real-time decisions based on real-time data.

C. Data Security: An Uncompromised Necessity

In an era where data breaches are not uncommon, ensuring the security of your data, especially when converted and shared as a web app, is crucial. Does the tool provide secure URLs, encrypted data transmission, and compliance with data protection regulations?

D. Customization and Flexibility: Tailoring Your Data Presentation

Can the tool provide options to customize how your data is presented? Whether it's adjusting visual elements, integrating additional functionalities, or modifying data interaction capabilities, a robust spreadsheet conversion tool should offer a degree of flexibility and customization to cater to your specific needs.

E. Seamless Sharing and Embedding: Amplifying Accessibility

Lastly, consider how the tool allows you to share your converted spreadsheet. A feature that enables you to share a secure link or embed the interactive spreadsheet directly onto your website enhances accessibility and user engagement.

Convert your Spreadsheet into a Web App in Seconds with Polymer!

Polymer Search is an AI-powered tool that'll convert any spreadsheet into a beautiful, interactive web application in seconds! No download required, no time wasted.

You can share the web application via a URL (known as a Polymer Site), or embed the app on your website!

Here's a preview of what it'll look like:

Want to learn how to create something like this? Read on.

Step 1: Sign in to your Polymer account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up and create one for free.

There are sample datasets for you to try so you can explore the possibilities of Polymer Search. Take a look at whichever type of data set are most similar to your own.

If you’re ready to learn about your own spreadsheet data, you can move on to step two.

Step 2: Upload & convert your spreadsheet into a web app

Polymer supports Excel spreadsheet files like .csv and .xlsx, but if you want to connect your Google Sheets or Airtable, that's also possible. To upload your file, drag it here:

Using the power of AI, Polymer Search will encrypt and analyze your data, transforming it into a beautiful web app that is not only visually appealing, but contains many features such as data analysis tools and visualization!

Step 3: Launch Polymer Site

On the right hand side, click "Open Polymer App" and this should launch your web application!

Choosing Your Layout

Immediately after starting up your Polymer Site, you'll be prompted with this screen:

You can change these in the settings at any time, so don't worry about picking the wrong answer, but here's an explanation of what they mean:

  • Search and present data: Tick this option if you want to present data.
  • Find AI-driven Inisights: Tick this if you want to analyze data. You can tick both of these if you want.


There are 3 layouts to choose from:

To Make Excel Look Like a Web Application, Choose "Grid View"

There you'll be presented with a tool called "Smart Pivot" which is basically a much easier to use and interactive pivot table.

Otherwise in terms of design, "gallery view" looks the best but requires the most effort to set up. In order to make the most out of gallery view, you'll need images for each entry (like FlixGem) and they need to be of the same size.

Cards view is good when you don't have images of the same size. You can change these settings any time by clicking this icon:

Sharing and Embedding

To share or embed a Polymer Site, you'll need to first make it public by going to "Share" (at the top right corner) > Public > Embed Code

Paste the embed code on a blank HTML page.

Alternatively you can copy the direct link to the Polymer App and send that link to other people so they can view it!

Further Customization:

This step can be pretty important, so don't skip it. To open settings, click on the cogwheel icon:

The first thing you want to customize are the "Column Settings." This will modify the settings for each individual column e.g. Age, First Name, Last Name.

Make sure the "Data Type" is set to the correct settings. E.g. Age should be a number.

column settings
  • "String" just means text like "First Name."
  • If you choose "Image" it'll automatically display images from a URL in the spreadsheet
  • URL becomes a link

Also you can separate a column into multiple columns by choosing the 'custom separator.'

For example, if a column says "Daniel, Alex, Tim" and you choose "comma" as the separator, it'll separate all those names into different columns.

And that’s it! Within minutes you will have an interactive web application that will deeply analyze your data to provide valuable insights and display it in visually appealing ways that are perfect for presentations.

Have more questions? Book an onboarding today.


Making the Most of Your Web Application Post-conversion

Beyond Conversion – What’s Next?

Successfully converting your spreadsheet into a web app is a significant stride, but what follows afterward? How can you maximize the utility of your new interactive web spreadsheet?

A. Engaging Your Audience: Interactive Data Explorations

Ensure your web app invites users to explore, interact, and derive insights from the data. Implement features such as filters, search functions, and interactive charts to facilitate an engaging user experience.

B. Continuous Data Updates: Keeping Information Relevant

Regularly update your web app to reflect the most current data. This could mean automatic synchronization with your original spreadsheet or a seamless manual update mechanism to ensure consistent data relevance and accuracy.

C. User Accessibility: Optimizing for Various Devices

Your web app should be accessible and fully functional across various devices. Ensuring mobile responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility extends your web app's reach and usability.

D. Gathering User Feedback: A Loop of Improvement

Implement a system to gather user feedback regarding their experience with your web app. Understanding their challenges and appreciations can offer valuable insights into potential areas for improvement or enhancement.

E. Analytics Integration: Understanding User Interaction

Integrate analytics to gauge how users interact with your web app. Which data points or features are most interacted with? Understanding user behavior can guide future data presentation strategies and feature implementations.

A Journey of Continuous Improvement

Converting your spreadsheet into a web app is merely the beginning. Ensuring it remains an engaging, insightful, and valuable tool for users requires continuous improvement and attentiveness to user interaction and feedback. Making the most of your web application ensures that your data doesn’t just inform but tells a compelling, interactive story to every user who engages with it.

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November 22, 2023
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November 22, 2023
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