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Polymer V3: Nov 8, 2023

Polymer is unveiling our biggest update yet including our AI chat, PolyAI, & tons of new analytics capabilities.

Polymer V3

This product update is monumental for the Polymer team & we hope it will be for all of you as well. Monumental because it’s the last major redesign (at least for a while) and will serve as a foundation for some of the game-changing features we’ll share below and for future changes on the roadmap (like notifications 🤫).

We’ve been working on this update for a most of this year and it not only takes into account the key needs from our amazing users and design partners, but also has improved logic & workflow to make day to day use of the tool even easier. We believe our beautiful, straighforward UI is one of our superpowers and this update really leans into that.

So without further ado, here are some of the most exciting features coming out.

Multiple datasets per board

One of Polymer’s all time highest request counts, multiple datasets in a dashboard.

For existing Polymer users, you know that the workspace contains all uploaded datasets and that clicking on a dataset leads to the associated boards. This logic has been adjusted a bit so that now in the workspace, you will find boards. Clicking on one will take you directly to that board where you can edit it, see associated data, or share.

The logic of focusing around a board rather than a dataset makes way for the ability to add many datasets to a single board. When a new board is added, simply select all of the sources to include. If you miss one, don’t worry, you can adjust these sources within a board as well.

With this framework, you’ll just select for any given block or filter, which dataset you want to grab columns from and you can start building!

AI Functionality

Our first iteration of AI generated insights were suggestions as a way to “get to know your data”. These suggestions offered up a question that could be answered with an associated visualization.

These suggestions will remain to provide a jumping off point for analysis, but AI functionality is otherwise being ramped up in three main sections for this update:

PolyAI is a chat-based, co-pilot that lives inside of each board. Ask your own questions about your data & add any discovered insights to your dashboard!

Dataset overviews provide descriptions of the dataset as a whole as well as column descriptions and some associated statistics like value distribution.

Insight summaries come along with any suggestion to describe what exactly the insight is for that visualization. These summaries are coming soon for custom built insights.

Data connectors

While CSV files and Google Sheets are powerful sources, they often require data cleaning & data prep work. Or, to be manually exported from a source and then uploaded to the desired location (aka Polymer). Directly connecting to where your data lives makes your life easier!

This is why a key initiative for this product update (& beyond) is to expand our catelog of data connectors. Just authenticate with the desired data source and automatically get access to all of your data in Polymer. You can even start with a template to get instant insights on your business!

Some of our newest data connectors include: Shopify & Hubspot with other connectors like LinkedIn Ads, Stripe, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Klaviyo right around the corner!

Other improvements

  • Dynamic layouts: use a drag & drop approach to resize & rearrange your dashboards
  • Filtering for end-users: allow guests to filter on the board or block level
  • Correlations block: easily find which metrics in your dataset are correlated and how strong or weak that correlations is
  • “Lower is better” goals: most needed on our scorecard blocks, but also integrated into Oultiers & ROI blocks
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November 8, 2023
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November 8, 2023
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Kathryn Dean

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