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Polymer's AI Discovers Insights in Your Data: May 22, 2023

We've released AI generated suggestions & boards, new chart types, color customization & much more just in time for our Product Hunt launch!

We’re excited to announce that your favorite business intelligence tool (Polymer) has launched on Product Hunt today! This is a unique opportunity for you to share your experiences on how Polymer has simplified data visualization and reporting for your business. Let’s make the power of accessible data analysis known to the wider tech community. Head over to our Product Hunt page to show us some love and join the conversation!

AI & suggested insights

Staying true to “BI without the BS”, we’re always looking for ways to cut out extra steps in the visualization process to get you straight to insights.

We’ve made a monumental shift here with out-of-the-box suggestions as soon as you land in a Polymer App. Simply connect a dataset, launch your Polymer App, & we’ll serve up some interesting questions you can ask about your data. These questions of course come with a connected visualization to provide an answer that you can preview & add to your dashboard if it tickles your fancy.

We don’t stop there! Give us a few seconds and we’ll use some of these incredible suggested insights to build a dashboard for you that you can access via the Boards tab of your Polymer App.

Bubble & funnel chart additions

We’ve added two new powerful blocks to our growing list of visualizations - bubble & funnel charts! You can find them by adding a [+ New Block] to your board.

The bubble chart is a great option to show complex relationships within your data. Compare two metrics, one along each axes (as you would in a scatter plot), and then add a third metric as your bubble size. Break this down by a category & you’ve unlocked some great insights!

The funnel chart allows you to discover insights around sequential data. An example of this could be a marketing funnel: how many people saw my ad (impressions) > how many of those clicked on my ad (clicks) > how many of those signed up for my product (conversions).

Google Ads connector updates

Our first release of the Google Ads connector looked at campaign and ad dimensions across all channels. However, more granularity was needed (understandably) to better analyze and optimize ad performance. We’ve added several predefined reports that contain additional dimensions and metrics across Search, Display, & Shopping data!

Other improvements & fixes

  • Customize the theme colors of your Polymer App in App Settings
  • API supports color and font customizations
  • Group dates in bar charts
  • Simplified custom metric setup
  • Weighted metrics are included in ads connectors
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May 22, 2023
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May 22, 2023
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Kathryn Dean

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