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The Top 10 Best eCommerce Apps in 2024

With such an abundance of eCommerce apps online, figuring out which eCommerce software is perfect for your online store can take time and effort. To help you weed through the noise and shorten the time you need to find the best eCommerce apps, we share the top 10 best eCommerce apps below!

The Top 10 Best eCommerce Apps

The eCommerce industry continues to evolve with unrelenting momentum.

The evolution isn’t limited to customer buying habits or the marketing tactics of store owners, but even the technologies and software in the eCommerce space have undergone significant advancements.

Now, the eCommerce space brims with apps for almost anything online store owners need, from handling abandoned carts to data visualization to social media features for promoting products.

With such an abundance of eCommerce apps online, figuring out which eCommerce software is perfect for your online store can take time and effort.

To help you weed through the noise and shorten the time you need to find the best eCommerce apps, we share the top 10 best eCommerce apps below.

Table of Contents

  • Importance of choosing the best eCommerce apps
  • Key factors to consider when choosing the best eCommerce apps
  • The top 10 best eCommerce Apps for 2024
  • Polymer
  • Shopify
  • Refersion
  • Georgias
  • Better Reply
  • Vista Social
  • Stamped
  • Klaviyo
  • Returnly
  • PushOwl
  • Make better decisions for your eCommerce business

Importance of choosing the best eCommerce apps

The suite of eCommerce tools under your arsenal plays a pivotal role in your online store's success (or failure).

With the right eCommerce apps, you can:

  • Create data visualizations and reports that align with your business goals so you can keep a pulse on your business performance and make better decisions.
  • Uncover high-performing products, which helps you with efficient marketing budget allocation.
  • Automate tasks to skyrocket your productivity and focus on more high-impact tasks.
  • Optimize your marketing spend by investing more in marketing channels with promising results while pulling out your budget on channels with abysmal results.
  • Significantly reduce your abandoned carts.
  • Etc.

As you can imagine, the benefits above are game-changers to your eCommerce business.

Experiencing the benefits translates to increased revenue and cost reduction, which are crucial to any business.

Sadly, if your eCommerce apps are problematic or inadequate, you expose your online store to devastating challenges, such as:

  • Increased cost. If your eCommerce app’s features are lacking, you might need to pay for 3 - 5 more apps just to accommodate your store's needs. Spending on more apps could easily skyrocket your monthly costs. (When in reality, one robust, comprehensive app can do the work of five.)
  • Add complexities and inefficiencies to your process. If your current app lacks features, your process becomes more complex since you need to get more eCommerce apps. Process complexities increase the risk of inefficiencies, leading to reduced productivity. In the final analysis, this problem reduces your productivity and increases firefighting, resulting in increased cost and frustration.
  • Missed opportunities. The opportunities you miss can come in many shapes or forms. You could miss out on the opportunity to streamline your process, increase productivity, or generate more leads or sales. Given the fierce competition in the eCommerce space, you can’t afford to miss out on game-changing opportunities.

If you liken your eCommerce business to a journey, think of your eCommerce apps as your vehicle.

Reaching your business goals swiftly and efficiently, or wasting time and money, hinges on the quality of your vehicle.

TL;DR: Be meticulous about the eCommerce apps you integrate into your online business.

Key factors to consider when choosing the best eCommerce apps

There is more to choosing eCommerce apps than just looking at their features. (Though scrutinizing the app features is certainly a must.)

Consider the points below to decipher which eCommerce software is truly valuable.

1. Comprehensive and advanced features

There needs to be a strong alignment between the app's features and your business needs.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if the app has hundreds of features when most do nothing to your current needs.

More than the number of features, consider the features’ relevance to your business dynamics. Also, consider the future of your eCommerce store.

Choose an app that can cater to your store’s current and future needs.

2. Quick and helpful customer support

You’ll never find a perfect app.

One way or the other, you will need help with the app you’re using. You may need to ask for new features; there might be a bug, an accidental deletion of data, etc.

When these hiccups occur, the help you receive should be immediate and thorough. Poor customer support from the app company could lead to thousands of missed sales or innumerable customer complaints.

3. Cost

Cheaper is not always better.

Remember, an eCommerce app might cost more compared to its counterparts, but if it can handle the work of 3 - 5 apps, you might save more by subscribing to it over its cheaper competitors that are lacking in features.

4. Reliability

Just a quick visit to G2 or Capterra and reading the user reviews will reveal the reliability of an eCommerce app.

Reviews like “The app keeps crashing” or “The app is full of bugs” are telltale signs that you should stay clear of the app.

5. Integrations

The more integrations an app can accommodate, the better.

App integrations allow your suite of eCommerce apps to work cohesively. It lessens the friction and the amount of work involved in running your eCommerce store.

6. User feedback

Invest time reading customer feedback on software review sites so you understand how the software performs.

Reading user feedback allows you to learn from the experience of others, as opposed to experiencing the issues and damages firsthand.

The top 10 best eCommerce Apps for 2024

Now that you know the importance of choosing the right eCommerce apps and what to look out for when choosing one, let’s dive into the top 10 best eCommerce apps for 2024.

1. Polymer

Polymer is a robust Business Intelligence (BI) platform designed to provide a single source of truth for everyone on your team. It streamlines every facet of data management, including data collection, integration, analysis, visualization, and eCommerce dashboard creation

Who is it for?

Polymer is used by marketing and sales executives, small businesses, data scientists, marketing teams, educators, and everyone who needs to turn raw data into actionable insights. Its interface is crafted to enable users of all tech skill levels to effortlessly create visualizations and reports.

Key features

  • AI-powered recommendations. The Polymer dashboard editor offers AI recommendations that instantly convert raw data into readable, dynamic visualizations. 
  • Seamless data integrations. Polymer integrates directly with several data sources, including Zendesk, Shopify, Airtable, Google Sheets, and Facebook Ads. 
  • Easy-to-use dashboard editor. Build your dashboard from top to bottom with customizable data elements or "blocks," including bar charts, ROI calculators, scorecards, heatmaps, and more. 
  • Different collaboration options. Collaborate with your team by adding them to your workspace, embedding dashboards to your website, or sharing a direct link. 

Why you need it

Polymer helps your organization with various data analysis and research objectives. It allows you to use data to solve specific problems, evaluate performance, optimize strategies, manage risks, test hypotheses, and more.


  • Starter: $20/month
  • Pro: $40/month
  • Enterprise: $500/month

2. Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest names in the eCommerce landscape. It allows businesses and solopreneurs to design, manage, and grow their online stores while centralizing areas like shipping and inventory management via integrations. 

Who is it for?

Shopify's groundbreaking visual interface, advanced features, and flexible pricing make it ideal for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. This includes individual sellers, retailers, and international brands. 

Key features

  • Online store themes. Take advantage of customizable themes to quickly build your online store from the ground up—without touching a single line of code.
  • All-in-one store creation. Shopify is equipped for everything involved in building online stores, including domain name registration to website personalization. 
  • App store. Extend the functionality of your online store and improve internal operations with third-party apps, which can be installed from Shopify's built-in app store. 

Why you need it

Shopify can springboard your eCommerce business with its comprehensive list of features. For existing businesses, it can equip you with the tools you need to globalize your brand and reach a wider audience.


  • Basic: $25/month
  • Shopify: $65/month
  • Advanced: $399/month

3. Refersion

Image source: refersion.com

Refersion is an affiliate marketing management solution for managing, tracking, and growing affiliate programs. The platform helps affiliate marketers convert customers into affiliates and monitor sales and commissions via user-friendly yet robust customization and tracking features. 

Who is it for?

Refersion is ideal for ecommerce business owners, affiliate marketers, influencers, brand ambassadors, or anyone who wants to run an affiliate marketing program. 

Key features

  • Affiliate discovery. Refersion offers a keyword-based search tool to find potential affiliates within the platform’s database quickly.
  • On-time payments. Refersion provides advanced commission calculations and commissions by SKU or product. It offers multiple payment options, including automated direct payments, conversion approvals, and payment scheduling. 
  • Attribution and first-party tracking options. The platform offers first-party tracking for privacy change compliance. You can create referral links with the shop’s domain.
  • Campaigns and management. The platform automates product feed information and helps you create custom campaigns and monitor key performance metrics seamlessly.   

You can track the performance of your affiliate links in your Facebook ads for ecommerce and other channels.   

Why you need it

Refersion brings order to running and managing an affiliate marketing program. 

It helps ensure accurate affiliate tracking, prevent fraud, streamline running your affiliate program, and optimize your program’s profitability. 


  • Professional: $119/month
  • Business. $299/month
  • Enterprise. Get a quote

4. Gorgias

Gorgias is more than just a helpdesk solution. It's a complete customer service and sales management platform with a diverse set of tools for every step of the customer journey.

Who is it for?

Gorgias is recommended for online businesses looking for a customer service solution to build a positive brand image and generate repeat customers. This includes brands that use channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and live chat to engage customers. 

Key features

  • Consolidate customer interactions. Gorgias serves as a unified inbox for all your customer interactions, be it through email, live chat, or social media. 
  • Take action in minutes. Use the Gorgias helpdesk interface to perform actions like refunding payments and modifying order details to streamline your workflow. 
  • Automation features. Save time on repetitive tasks while improving the customer experience with Gorgias's automation builder. 

Why you need it

Helpdesk solutions like Gorgias help elevate the customer experience and generate repeat business for your eCommerce store. Focusing on customer satisfaction also fosters a positive community around your brand, which leads to higher awareness and buyer confidence. 


  • Starter: $10/month
  • Basic: $60/month
  • Pro: $360/month
  • Advanced: $900/month
  • Enterprise: Quote-based

5. Better Replay

Image source: apps.shopify.com

Better Replay & Survey is a feedback and user research tool for collecting website visitor feedback and insights. 

The tool lets you record user sessions to understand customers better. You can also run adaptable surveys and use the insights to improve your ecommerce store. 

Who is it for?

Better Replay is perfect for small ecommerce businesses that want to understand customers and improve the online store user experience. 

Key features

  • View the user session length, timestamp, location, and browser with the session recording. 
  • Create simple yet versatile surveys to capture customer feedback and comments about their shopping and post-purchase experience.   
  • Gain deeper insights into customer behavior, including where and what causes them to drop off, to improve your conversions.  

Why you need it

Better Replay equips you with the customer data and insights to improve the user experience and boost your ecommerce store conversions. 

It helps you refine your online store accordingly. 


  • Free: No charge with 100 unique visitors per month
  • Growth: $29/month

6. Vista Social

Vista Social is a leading innovator in the social media management space. It helps eCommerce brands cultivate an authoritative, all-around online presence—be it on social media networks, review websites, and online communities.  

Who is it for?

Every eCommerce business can use Vista Social to raise brand awareness and increase customer loyalty on social media. It's also for microbrands who sell products directly through their social media pages and feeds. 

Key features

  • Automated post scheduler. Use Vista Social to build an automated social media calendar and maximize the visibility of your content.
  • Supports a wide range of networks and services. In addition to social media networks like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, Vista Social also integrates with review websites like Trustpilot, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. 
  • AI-powered features. Speed up your content creation with the in-app AI assistant and produce captivating social media copy in bulk.  
  • Smart content curation tools. Fill up your content queue with sourced content from RSS feeds, news websites, and other social media profiles. 

Why you need it

Vista Social's suite of features overpowers even the most expensive social media management platforms on the web. Despite this, it manages to offer affordable and flexible packages for different business types.


  • Pro: $15/month
  • Pro+: $25/month
  • Custom: Get a quote

7. Stamped

Image source: stamped.io.

The Stamped Product Reviews and UGC app lets you capture and showcase customer ratings, reviews, videos, photos, and Q&As to build customer trust and boost conversions and revenue

The app integrates with major ecommerce platforms. You can customize the Stamped Reviews app to fit your brand through on-site display widgets. 

Who is it for?

Stamped is perfect for small businesses that want to use high-converting product reviews to increase revenue. 

Key features

  • Reviews display. Collect and show video, photo, and written reviews and one to five-point scale ratings with the platform’s review display generator. Stamped automates your review collection, moderation, and analysis. It lets you highlight the reviews on designated pages. 
  • Visual marketing through photo and video reviews. Leverage Stamped to display your photo and video reviews across your ads, social media pages, and other marketing channels.
  • Google integration. Stamped’s Google integration lets you add rich snippets to your reviews, helping you rank higher on Google Seller & Product Ratings.  

Why you need it

Stamped helps you leverage the power of User-Generated Content (UGC) and positive customer reviews to inform and build trust with customers. 

The app lets you showcase social proof to boost conversions and foster engagement while improving your SEO efforts. 

Consider tracking conversions from your customer reviews and adding the data to your ecommerce dashboard templates


  • Lite: Free with a maximum of 50 orders per month.
  • Basic. $23/month
  • Premium: $59/month
  • Business: $149/month

8. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform and data analyzer engineered to help you turn customer data into impactful, compelling experiences. Build hyper-personalized automation workflows to engage purchase-intent customers at the right time (and device).

Who is it for?

Established and growing eCommerce businesses can use Klavio to increase repeat purchases, reduce customer churn, and increase deal sizes. Your online store can reap the full benefits of Klaviyo if you already have a decent-sized customer base.  

Key features

  • Automate for different touchpoints. Use Klaviyo to automate customer interactions via SMS, email, web forms, and push notifications. 
  • 300+ integrations library. Build workflows that span multiple third-party services and apps, including eCommerce platforms, mobile app creation, and social media marketing.
  • Customer data platform. Use your eCommerce store data to make decisions based on analyzed customer behavior, shopping patterns, and other metrics or KPIs.

Why you need it

Klaviyo's advanced automation engine can help growing eCommerce brands scale their operations and reduce costs at the same time. It ensures you never miss a conversion opportunity and initiates sales interactions without compromising the customer experience. 


  • Free
  • Email: $20/month
  • Email and SMS: $35/month

9. Returnly

Image source: returnly.com

Returnly eCommerce solution that automates the return and refund process. The platform integrates with your Shopify orders and provides a self-service returns portal for your customers. 

Who is it for?

Returnly can be game-changing for eCommerce stores that want to simplify and streamline the return and refund process while saving costs. 

Key features

  • Efficient returns processing. Customers can start the return process with Returnly’s convenient item drop-off options by mail via QR codes. Control when and how the returns are processed through automation rules, flexible policies, and built-in integrations with other ecommerce solutions.
  • Instant exchange order. Returnly ships exchange orders instantly and pays for them on your customer's behalf. This way, customers receive the correct item before sending the wrong one. You can also set up order exchange options, such as letting customers exchange the wrong item for a different variation or new item or get a refund via instant credit.  
  • Tracking and analytics. Returnly sends customers SMS alerts and tracking details such as estimated delivery dates. The platform tracks return analytics, including customer satisfaction, qualitative feedback, and user engagement and behavior. 

Why you need it

Returnly supercharges the return and refund process for your business and customers. 

It helps reduce costs, make the return process efficient, and improve customer experience and satisfaction. 

Consider including your Returnly data when learning how to build an ecommerce dashboard. It helps you get a complete view of the entire customer journey with your business. 


  • Monthly Plan
  • Premium (Annual) Plan
  • Returnly Premium (Annual) Add-On Features
  • Returnly Custom Plans

10. PushOwl

Image source: pushowl.com

PushOwl is a web push notification application. You can leverage the app for your ecommerce acquisition, loyalty, and retargeting strategies. 

Once users opt-in, the app triggers your pre-set abandoned cart push notifications, including product review requests, blog posts, sales blasts, and other updates.  

Who is it for?

New and growing online stores can benefit from PushOwl’s easy-to-setup push notifications. 

Key features

  • Display a one-click native opt-in, allowing visitors to subscribe to your push notifications instantly.
  • Create compelling web push campaigns within minutes with the app’s Campaign Creator.
  • Enable an automated push notification sequence to help recover visitors with abandoned carts. 
  • Understand customer interests and behaviors to personalize your marketing and boost engagement.
  • Track your web push marketing’s performance to improve your content and strategy.  

Why you need it

PushOwl provides another channel to get personalized messages to your potential customers and drive engagement. 

It can amplify your existing ecommerce marketing efforts while helping convert passive and one-time visitors into loyal paying customers. 


  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $19 to $57/month 
  • Enterprise: $79 to $599/month

Make better decisions for your eCommerce business

You can’t go wrong with data-based decision-making.

By leveraging the data your eCommerce business generates, you get crucial insights about your online sales, customer preferences, marketing performance, and more—allowing you to make decisions that yield stellar results.

While we’ve covered several eCommerce apps above, you can pull all your data into a single BI platform to generate meaningful visualization and reports easily and efficiently.

Polymer allows you to do this since it integrates with numerous eCommerce apps. And if your software can’t integrate directly with Polymer, you can connect them to Google Sheets and then integrate your Google Sheet data with Polymer.

Once Polymer has your data, you can start analyzing your data and create reports and visualizations in seconds—without writing a single line of code.

Create a free Polymer account today.

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