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Upgrade your dashboards in Polymer

This month’s update is focused around improvements to the way you build reports. Through advanced insights & an updated layout, our goal, as always, is to make understanding & actioning your data as simple as possible.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can upgrade your dashboards & share any questions or feedback by reaching out at polymersearch.com/contact.

3-column layout for Insights views

We have learned from our users that when it comes to comparing data, scrolling between two charts isn’t the best solution. To address this, we’ve created a column-based layout for our Insights views. With this layout, up to 3 visualizations can be compared side-by-side.

You will still add new blocks using the [+ New Block] button. Once you do, you can quickly adjust the width of the block.

Some block types, like a pie chart, are often better suited as one-third width, while richer blocks like Outlier may warrant two-thirds or even full-width. The beauty though, is that it’s up to you! Mix & match as needed to create your own sleek, share-worthy dashboard.

Divide & conquer with ROI & Outlier blocks

Optimizer, one of the most insightful Insights blocks, was often too complicated to provide immediate value. It’s a feature that was challenging to use & understand, even for its creators. We’ve been working on a way to showcase the same power in a more intuitive way and present to you two new blocks: ROI & Outlier.

As the name implies, ROI is a block that can be used to calculate a return on investment. The idea is that in many cases, you may need to find segments of your data that optimize for two variables rather than one. And while this can of course be used to find a traditional ROI, optimizing for high revenue & low cost, you may also be curious about say, which ad is giving the lowest cost per click.

Outlier, on the other hand, targets one specific variable. Choose a metric you’re interested in and Polymer allows you to understand which columns have the greatest influence on that metric’s performance. You can break data down by up to six columns to discover super detailed subsegments that are driving results.

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November 2, 2022
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November 2, 2022
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Kathryn Dean

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