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What’s new in Polymer: April 2022

Workspace Redesign; Pivot Tables Moved to Insights Tab; More Clear Filtering Language; Column Setting Additions; More File Extension Options for Downloads; and Views Grouping by Visibility

Data Workspace Redesign

In our previous update we shared a reskinning of the Polymer app. The Data Workspace (area where you upload files) has a fresh new look too! The navigation sidebar has been given a new structure, our example datasets a new design, & settings re-organized.

The main things we want to point out are:

  1. There is no longer a ‘Home Page’. To add data, click the button in the top right corner of the screen & options for uploading data or connecting a data source will appear.
  2. The loading screen & ‘Launch Polymer App’ section that would previously appear as a third column will now appear as a pop-up modal as your dataset is being analyzed & Polymer App is generated.
  3. Workspace settings, like adding new members to your workspace, can now be found in the bottom left corner. The ‘Get Help’ section can be used to find our support page or schedule a call with our team.
  4. The icon in the top right corner can be clicked to find account settings like changing your password along with details about the Polymer plan you’re on & the ability to upgrade or downgrade as needed.

Pivot Tables Moved to Insights

Our pivot tables, previously located in the ‘Data Presentation’ tab, have been moved to ‘Insights’ where we think they fit in a bit better.

Aside from the relocation, this feature works the same. Click the categorical & numeric columns needed from the drop-downs to create an instant summary of your data!

More Clear Filtering Language

We’ve received many questions about the boolean logic used on filtering within & across columns. The rule is that ‘OR’ is used within a column and ‘AND’ is used across columns.

But you don’t need to remember that! Every time you filter we now write out which operator is being used on a tag and which column each tag is coming from.

Reminder: Tags are the colorful tiles that contain your field names. Like ‘Mobile’ in the below screenshot.

Column Setting Additions

Column settings (found in the gear icon) have had two major updates:

You can now ignore casing on a per column basis. This means that you can opt for “polymer”, “POLYMER”, and “PoLyMeR” to all be read & categorized the same in your dataset. This option can be found at the bottom of a string (or text) column’s settings menu.

When bucketing (or grouping) numerical columns, decimals can now be used to dictate a fixed bucket size. So a bucket size can now be set to 5.5 & each bucket of values will contain values between 0.0-5.5, 5.6-11.0, etc. This option can be found by selecting ‘Use fixed bucketing’ in a numerical column’s settings menu.

More File Extension Options for Downloads

You may be familiar with downloading files - found in ‘Data Presentation’ with the pictured icon as well as with an ‘Export This’ button in pivot tables & some charts.

This download option was previously available for CSV download & we have added XLS or JSON file options. Go crazy!

Views Grouping by Visibility

When you visit ‘Views’, you will see that saved views have been organized by visibility setting: private, restricted, or public. A view’s visibility setting was previously denoted by an (admittedly ambiguous) icon next to the view name. We hope this new organization system will make view visibility more clear!

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May 11, 2022
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May 11, 2022
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Emir Ribic

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