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What’s new in Polymer: July 2022

Views moved to the nav bar; Header row vs starting row selection; ‘Add collaborator’ button; Grid view updates;

Views moved to the navbar

We have moved our views to the navbar of Polymer Apps. If you’re wondering what views are, that’s why we moved them!

Any filtering selection, layout, chart, or insight you create in Polymer can be saved as a ‘view’. These can then be revisited at any time or easily shared through a link.

Use these for reports you want to view regularly or to share specific data points or insights with your colleagues, clients, or any audience.

If you update a dataset using our data connectors & automatic syncing, your views will update as well, making for a super powerful workflow!

Sorry we’ve been hiding this feature for so long. 😉

Header row vs starting row selection

First, some definitions:

  • A header row is the row that contains your column titles
  • A starting row is the first row of data

Typically, the starting row comes directly after the header row. However, this isn’t always the case.

We’ve added options to select both so that a wider variety of datasets will work well in Polymer.

You’ll only need to make this selection if Polymer isn’t able to identify the appropriate rows. Most datasets will immediately launch without a manual selection.

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‘Add collaborator’ button

In the bottom left corner of your file management page & the top left corner of your Polymer App, you fill find an ‘add collaborator’ button. This button will allow you to add members to your workspace.

Your workspace is where you upload all of your datasets. An account can have more than one workspace & in each workspace can invite multiple users.

Once a user is invited to your workspace, they will be able to visit & interact with all of the uploaded data.

Grid view updates

Grid view in the ‘Data’ tab has been expanded to a full screen view with an infinite scroll so you can see more of your data at once.

We kept the sort & layout selection bar sticky as you scroll so you can adjust your view as needed.

Posted on
July 7, 2022
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July 7, 2022
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Emir Ribic

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