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What’s new in Polymer: June 2022

Column Settings; Workspace Settings; API Updates and Better Chart Titles

Column Settings in the UI

To make common settings updates faster & more accessible, we’ve moved data related settings directly to the UI of ‘Data Presentation’ tab. This includes options like renaming a column, hiding a column, or changing a data type. You can reorder columns by using the drop down or by simply dragging and dropping columns.

Clicking ‘More Settings’ will take you to the usual settings menu where you can find more options related to column settings, data presentation, & site level settings.

This feature comes from user feedback, so thanks to the users who inspired this change. We’re super excited about this one!

Please note that these settings are available in ‘Grid’ view, but not in ‘Gallery’ & ‘Card’ views.

Default Chart Titles

Visualizations have gotten an important update!

Default chart titles have been formatted to more fully & accurately represent the contents of the chart. This way, when you view or share a chart, it’s clear what’s being depicted. The chart title (& axes titles) can always be updated using the pencil icon.

Workspace Settings

Settings for all of your workspaces along with account settings like changing your password can be found in ‘Workspace Settings’. Click the button with the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the file management page.

The menu style (with options listed along the left sidebar) has been updated to maintain consistency between these settings and the customization settings within each Polymer app.

API Updates

We have implemented a component API where users can access a web link that only displays a report with various generated charts. Other Polymer features like editing charts, searching data, or filtering in the left sidebar will not be displayed.

This API supports standard Polymer visualizations with added support for line & pie charts. Each of these visualizations has the capability to show “highlights” or descriptions of key data points in the chart.

For more information or access to the API, please email support@polymersearch.com.

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June 17, 2022
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June 17, 2022
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Emir Ribic

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